Android is a Linux based operating system developed for smart phones and tablets. It is anytime a user friendly operating system as compared to that of iOS and Windows. The content provider block is used to manage the data sharing between the two applications. Location manager block is used to manage the locations obtained using GPS or cell tower. So thus the same goes with the iOS as well. iOS is apple I-phone operating system which is highly secured with its applications. 78.9% and 14.9% of the worldwide market share is shared by android and iOS respectively. Now-a-days, it’s easy to find applications on android for anything. Be it a reminder, dictionary, editing document, editing a photo and so on. The list is never going to end. Thus the genius and the techie minds of India thought of coming up with something innovative when there are already applications for shopping. They wanted a huge demand of their application and more and more of services. So thus, the techies thought of connecting with people. Some also came up with the cab and educational services but that is indeed not the direct way. So few genius minds conducted a brainstorming session and came up with an online food ordering system. With this even you would be definitely comfortable for them to use the application. The user interface should be easy enough for the same. So they tried their best to provide with online food order services where you need not bang your head for dictating the address and the food you want. Everything is now available on the screen.


Tinyowl is the company of the IIT alumni procured by HarshVardhanMandad at the age of 23 in the year 2014. His team included a clan of IIT alumni which included ShikharPaliwal, GauravChoudhary, TanujKhandelwal and SaurabhGoyal. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible according to Harsh. Being the co-founder and the CEO of the company is very easy if you plan everything properly. Since they want to make a direct connection with the people across the cities, they selected food as the medium to reach them. Initially they targeted Mumbai for this purpose in order to reach the highest population. They had to reach out various restaurants personally but later on their marketing skills being so strong it didn’t take time for them to collect the information. Few homemade food service providers and few restaurant owners approached the tinyowl team in order to make a deal. They made the deal and the count of the restaurants kept on increasing in the list of the tinyowl. It took a while to complete this task. Once they were done with the same, they put their product for development. Since it was a team, the work was integrated amongst themselves. In the next 6 months they covered few more metropolitan cities like Pune, Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Gurgaon. They completed their work in such a way that today they are receiving a response of almost 2000 and more orders per day.

Your view:

“On weekends, I and my family always have a plan out for dinner and roaming around the city. But by the time we enjoy our time together being a new couple, we realise it’s too late for us to go for dinner. We reach the best hotels at the peak hours and that’s what irritates us keeping us on wait. We have to wait for an hour by the time we could simply go and sit somewhere holding our tummy tight. Initially, we didn’t realize the hunger since we normally have our dinner late. But that late makes us repent. Later on my wife had to thereby cook food at home even on weekends. But then this tinyowl application was out in the market and we used to order quite early so that we aren’t on waiting again even for delivering the food. Weekends are a pain in the ass to go to the restaurants or order from the restaurant. So we do go out as usual but in prior to that order the food while we are getting ready for the same. Just two taps on my screen and the food is ordered and paid for which reaches my home before we leave. Thank you tinyowl for making it real easy.”