Most of the manufacturers are trying to get in the Android operating system by launching smartphones based on Android OS. LG has also brought some new smartphones which are based on Android operating system like the Nexus 5, LG G3, LG optimus and many others. Messaging is an important part which a lot of people do on their LG devices. Messages help you in adding fun to your daily life as the message can be a funny one or can be a love message from your crush. We all know that the messages we receive on our LG Android devices are automatically saved so that we can share them with our friends or even get a print out of them. There are times when due to some malfunctioning of the software the messages get erased or deleted or someone accidentally deletes the messages. The main question which arises is how can you retrieve the lost messages? Is there even any way with the help of which you can recover lost test messages from LG phone?

A lot of people think that if the message has been deleted from their device it is completely wiped off from the device which is not correct. There is still a chance that you can recover the messages from your device through android data recovery. If the messages have been deleted and you have not added any more data on your device then there is a probability that you can recover all the messages. We are going to use Mobikin doctor for Android to recover lost messages from LG Phone. You can follow the easy guide shared by us below.

How to recover lost text messages from LG phone

There is only one thing which needs to be fulfilled before you start following this guide and that is your LG device should be rooted. If your device is not rooted you won’t be able to restore the messages.

  1. You can download and install the trail version of Mobikin doctor for Android from official site. For Mac users you can click on official site.
  2. Once downloading and installing of the Mobikin doctor is complete enable USB debugging on your LG phone. USB debugging can be easily enabled by opening the Settings app.
  3. Now you have to connect your smartphone with your PC. Make sure you are using a USB cable and not wireless network to establish a connection.
  4. Once connected, open Mobikin doctor for Android. The software will show you your LG phone on the screen.
  5. Scanning of your device will be automatically done and all the contents which are present on your device can be seen on the screen which is in front of you.
  6. Now open Message tab from the left side bar. You will find all the messages here. Select the messages which you want to restore and once selected click on Recover button. This will begin the recover lost text messages from lg phone.

This is how you can easily recover lost messages by android data recovery free