In the past few years, Nova Launcher has successfully positioned itself as Android customization geeks’ default launcher choice, thanks to its ever-increasing set of features. And with its most recent stable release, version number 5.2, that list grew once again with several new additions.

The feature set is the same as the 5.2 beta version released a couple of weeks ago, and thus isn’t as large as some previous releases. Nevertheless, its biggest feature – Android O-style notification badges – should be enough to satisfy those clamoring for latest Android version’s release. In essence, it displays a dot in a user-chosen corner of an app’s icon to remind users they have an unread notification.
Nova Launcher 5.2 is out of beta, brings Android O style notification dots to everyoneNova Launcher 5.1 introduced another such feature, Dynamic Badges, which could be viewed as the superior alternative (as they display relevant icons rather than just a dot), but lovers of stock Android may nevertheless prefer the new addition. In any case, it’s worth noting that notification badges of any kind are limited to the paid Nova Launcher Prime.
The other new big feature here is a new, round search bar style, which follows the overall move towards round shapes in Android iconography. But apart from that, the only other additions are performance improvements and some stability fixes for Android O.