AppleInsider met up with a series of ADA recipients attending WWDC this year. Among them: Ryan McLeod, the solitary developer of Blackbox, a novel puzzle game that invites you to “think outside the box” in a series of challenges that require discovering a solution without touching the screen.

The free game ships with 50 puzzles, and its monetized with In-App purchases that unlock additional puzzles, hints or you can simply “buy Ryan a California Burrito” for $7.99.

Mushroom 11 is the creation of Untame Games, a collaboration between a coder and artist who both love to travel —in fact, programmer Itay Keren and artist Simon Kono laid out the concept and design of their title while vacationing in Italy with their wives Kara Kono and Julia Keren-Detar, who produced and created art for the game, respectively.

Over three and a half years, they worked on the concept of a new side scroller game where the main character is a rapidly growing blob of cells inspired by mushrooms. They even worked with a chemist and biochemist to flesh out the mycology behind its behaviors.

The game also features a electronic soundtrack by The Future Sound of London, music which Keren grew up listening to; he said he was thrilled to find that FSOL wanted to collaborate.