A laptop is a big investment, especially when you spring for the latest MacBook. But its significance far surpasses its price tag. With a brand new MacBook Air on your lap, you finally have the means to do what you want. If you’re a university student, your computer is an all-in-one library, notebook, and entertainment system. For the entrepreneur, the Air serves as a virtual office, letting you run your business wherever you can get Internet. Whoever you are, your newest laptop makes your life a lot easier.

When your MacBook’s such an important part of your life, you can’t let something as simple as a spilled drink or accidental drop damage your computer. Remember your life before you upgraded to the Air? You were struggling to take notes or keep store records on a laptop you bought off of Craigslist. The dinosaur of an electronic barely kept up with the most basic commands. Now that you’ve experienced the ultra-fast processing powers of Apple’s dual-core Intel Core i7 processor, you can’t go back to that way of life.


Most people are in the same position. Their Mac or Windows-based computers are their prized possessions, and they’ll do anything they can to protect them. You’ve heard of people backing up their files on an external hard drive and the Cloud. There’s the AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBooks, and other guaranties and insurances you can buy. But there’s also another precaution you can take to complete the full protection of your computer.

Consider how your MacBook goes wherever your day takes you. As you take it from work to home and everywhere in between, it’s exposed to wear and tear. Unfortunately, the aluminum chassis isn’t as formidable as Apple would have you think. Despite its high performance and award winning design, it’s still a fragile piece of technology, and you can’t expect it go out in the world on its own. Why risk your investment when there’s excellent protection available at an affordable rate? Get a MacBook skin (or decal) that fits your Air to the micro-millimeter.

Unlike guaranties and warranties, which offer assistance after damage occurs, MacBook skins prevent them from ever happening. Made out of a durable 3M vinyl, they cover the machine perfectly. Strong enough to withstand scratches, scuffs, and spills, yet thin enough not to interfere with the sensitive trackpad, they enhance Apple’s design without taking anything away. They apply without the need of adhesives, which means they can be removed without damaging your laptop should you want to replace it down the line. Or, considering how many colors and textures these skins can come in, you may just want to replace the look of them several times during your Air’s lifetime.

Similar to slapping a bumper sticker onto your car, a MacBook decal adds a sense of fun and individuality to a computer that’s so commonplace. Highly skilled skin engineers like the professionals at dbrand have created a customizable material that’s as fashionable as it is durable. For protection that’s distinctive to your personality, check out the latest MacBook skins from dbrand and play around with your options. You can find a convenient feature that lets you know how your preferred color and texture combination looks in real time.

Choose from carbon fiber decals in all manner of colors or opt for a more sophisticated faux-wood design. The choice is up to you. What isn’t up for debate is the strength behind 3M vinyl. With one of these MacBook decals wrapped around the Air, you won’t have to worry about losing out on your investment any time soon.