Like most people, you probably have your smartphone with you at all times. That makes it easy when you meet someone new and you want to share contact information.

But if you have an Android phone, how exactly do you go about saving contacts? Here is a quick guide to how to do this, along with some useful apps to make the process more convenient.


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Add a New Contact from a Phone Call or Text

The easiest way to add new contacts to your phone is when someone calls you or sends you a text message. When you receive a call or text from someone who is not in your contacts, you will be given the option to save the contact. Just click on the button and you can quickly add a contact for it, adding their name, address, and other details.

Alternatively, if someone gives you their number, you can simply add a contact from the Google app and insert their phone number and other details into the contact card.

Save Contacts Using an App

Sometimes it is easy to forget about saving contacts when they first call you. In that case, an app like Save Contacts can help.

If you don’t save the number immediately, finding it later can be a real hassle, especially if you receive a lot of calls. But with this app installed, you will get a prompt to save the contact as soon as you hang up.

You can set the time interval between hanging up and receiving the notification, so now you will always remember to add new contacts to your phone.

Record Your Calls

Another great way to ensure you don’t forget important contact details is to use a dedicated call recorder app.

You can find such an app called Automatic Call Recorder for Me at this link, and using this you can easily record all of your calls so you can listen back to them later on.

This could help when people give you their contact info over the phone or other details like an address or email address. You no longer have to remember the details, and instead, you can just listen back later on and make a note of them.

Manage Your Contacts with an App

When you start to build up a lot of contacts, you might want to use an app to manage them properly. Google’s built-in contacts manager is often fine, but some apps provide a lot more functionality.

Sync.ME is an app that simplifies contact management. It can also add contacts automatically from your Google+ account, LinkedIn, and other social networks, and it also has extra features like birthday reminders and the ability to share photos.

Make Saving Contact Details Easy

Use these tips to save contacts to your Android phone with greater ease. If you are starting a new job or starting university, you may need to add lots of contacts to your phone in a short space of time.

The above tips can help you to make this easier, especially if you use some of the excellent apps available to make managing your contacts easy, so download some of these to your phone today.

Hollie James is a work-at-home Mom who uses tech to her advantage; keeping work life and family life on track, and under control so that there are no nasty surprises by her forgetting to do something important!