Technology is advancing day by day and we can afford to do anything with the help of these sophisticated technologies. Nowadays TV shows are no more limited to TV sets only, TV shows can now be seen in mobile devices like the iPad from Apple. This device is a perfect one to view videos and watch TV shows to pass our time. The iPad is a perfect device between desktop and smartphone and people are beginning to use this device more in their daily life. People are more inclined towards watching the TV shows in their mobile devices or iPads for many reasons like mobility and you can pause wherever you want and without commercials also. If you are a TV show freak then it is more likely that you have saved lots of TV shows in your iOS device. As the memory space in iPad is limited you cannot load the memory with TV shows as much as you want. So to get rid of this problem you need to transfer all those TV shows to your computer. This is no easy task but there are ways by which you can easily save all the TV shows on your computer from iPad.


Mainly due to storage limitations in iPad you need to free the space and thus you want your favourite TV show to be saved on your computer also. This can be done through the help of a third party application program. As we all know that iOS users can use iCloud to store their backup but that too is limited and quite a time consuming procedure. All though you can sync all your files with iTunes but iTunes does not allows the files to be directly shared with other personal computers. The best software transfer TV shows from iPad to computers  MobiKin assistant for iOS. This is powerful software which allows you to directly save files to your computer from different iOS devices. You can save files like videos, music, images as well as TV shows also.

How to Transfer or Copy iPad TV shows to Computer or Mac

  • First of all download and install the program on your personal computer. Connect your device with the computer.
  • Connect your iPad to your personal computer using a USB cable. Launch the program and your device will be automatically detected by the application.
  • Backup all the TV shows with backup software for Windows 10 so that you will never worry about losing them.”
  • An interface will appear with many options and on the left side you will find TV shows click on it.
  • Preview all the TV shows which are saved in your iPad. Select from those which needs to be transferred.
  • Click on the export button and all the files chosen will be transferred to the computer without any damage to the original file.

MobiKin assistant for iOS is very powerful software and is capable of transferring all types of files and moreover this application program can be used to transfer files from different types of iOS devices, it is compatible with every iOS device. There are two different version of the software for Windows and Mac. This software can be handled very easily and with no expertise knowledge also. The program is just simple and yet powerful and can meet to the requirement of majority of the users. During the transfer process no information is lost and thus there is no change is the file type also. The files can also be restored in the same format without any loss of data.