Greed is such a modern-day sin. With all of us being compulsive shoppers and having no qualms about it. That’s right, shopping has made to the basic survival list and now you can not imagine a life without this quintessential therapy. You shop not to just to fulfill your needs but also all of your wants. And more often than not, you realize you have ended up splurging on things you probably would never use again! Be it shopping for electronics, clothes, footwear or household articles, we always end up buying more than we need.clip_image002

In the quest to quench this never-ending thirst of wanting it all, you frequently outdo yourself when it comes to your monthly budget, running short by the end of first few weeks. Want to shop more but save too? Let us tell you how;

Keep your ‘needs’ in check

With all the lucrative sales around each corner it can be hard to keep a track of what you need and what you want. Jot it down and keep the list handy. If you are falling short of cash, adhere to the list strictly. Your whimsical wants can wait a little while longer, may be just until the next month. Maintaining a budget diary can be extremely helpful, too, when it comes to keeping a track of all of your transactions. Track everything right from your grocery shopping to Uber cabs bills, to know where you are spending the most.

Strike when the time is right

A smart shopper is well aware of all the possible ways to cut down on extra spending and indulge in extra shopping! Many a times, the special offers and discounts are available during a specific time of the year. So, when you want to shop in bulk and you anticipate a clearance or end-of-season sale, then wait for the ripe time to shop. Shopping during the sale seasons has many benefits, such as being able to buy things at a slashed price. But buying in bulk also means that you would get further discounts.

Deals and Discounts

How amazing would it be if a simple coupon can cut you some amazing deal? Let’s say something like, using Paytm recharge offers that help you get amazing cash backs on all mobile recharges, DTH and phone bill payments, would it be tempting enough for you to opt for one? You can shop for your favorite products at much lesser price or avail some super cool discounts. The trick is to find the best coupon merchants online. And see the magic of these shopper’s little elf-friends.


Comparing prices

This is the basic thumb-rule. It goes a long way in helping you save you some hard earned money. Many retailers price their goods differently for the same product depending on various factors. Before finalizing a specific purchase, compare the prices from all the merchants and choose the one with the best price. After all, the product remains the same, right? Why not clinch the best deal available out there?


Getting the policy right

Read up the company’s privacy and return policy. Those which offer multiple payment options with easy returns are the most preferred. You wouldn’t want to regret a purchase. Why not buy it from the best, then. Do the best that you can to ensure that you shop only from trusted sources. One of the easy ways to ensure this is by reading the reviews online. After all, there is no point in crying over the split milk.