The MobiKwikonline mobile rechargeapp is available free for downloading by almost anyone. The revenue model of the Mobikwikonline mobile recharge app is extremelyeasy. Mobikwik makes money each time a customer does online airtel recharge or buys a service or any product using the MobiKwik Wallet which is on the MobiKwikappand also on different merchant locations.


Most of the E-Commerce merchants who are in India offer a lot of different payment options.This in turn makes it veryconfusing for the user. This also makes the experience of the user extremelyinconsistent. All the Users of online mobile recharge apps are asked to go througha number steps to actually realize that an online payment, which again more often than not results in a low-payment success rate and also consumer apathy. This happens all the more on mobile devices.

The MobiKwik Wallet improvesthis mobileand online payment experience a lot by actually permitting users who want to do Airtel online mobile rechargeto add money up to the limit of Rs. 50,000that goes in to a prepaid Wallet. This can easily be donewith the help ofeither net banking, or card or credit card and even Cash Pay. Cash Pay is actuallya service that helps to pick up the cash from the user once. Once the user has given the cash from the doorstepthen he or she canuse the Wallet for many more transactions using the same amount for services such as for online mobile recharge, for bill payments and now even if you want to do shopping on third party merchant websites. You can do all of this in just one click. Mobikwik has significantly reduced the number of steps that is actually taken to make a payment while doing online mobile recharge.This has highly increased the success rate of any online transaction that is done while doing online mobile recharge. This is possible only because thisentire process directly uses the mobile wallet and it does not involve any bank account ordebit or credit cards.

The MobiKwik wallet is also usefulfor a lot of other reasons. It is extremely fast,very secure, convenient and most importantly it always guarantees almost 100% transaction success rate. This is also trueevenfor the mobile devices. Currentlythere are more than 500 merchants who are acceptingMobiKwikwallet payments. These merchants focus on a lot of different categories like E-Commerce, travel, ticketing and any other form of recurring payments. By Using the MobiKwik online mobile recharge app on smart phones, you can now get access to a lot of different offers and products in a lot ofdifferent categories.

When you will be using the MobiKwik Wallet to doa payment transaction for online mobile recharge or on a partner merchant then you can also get a lot of exciting cashback you’re your MobiKwik Wallet. MobiKwikhopes to complete its aspiration of givingan easy way to pay using your mobile phone.