Color Switch game has made it’s way to the limelight. The game has a simple challenge, which does not require you to be a genius. The game and rules are very imperative and must follow because you won’t win the rounds. Color Switch game took a skyrocket to reach where it is now.

It’s not an easy task to be where the “Color Switch game” is. Apparently many share a similar point of view that the game has come to limelight because of luck. What the people do not understand there’s more to it because there is a lot effort put in the game. Many consider the game to the beginner’s luck and the time, and the programming is considered as light weight. But I would like to expose the company efforts put into the game and made seven figures income.

How are we going to roll the game?

  • We will start things with “Downloads”.
  • Not many are aware of the “Revenue tactics”.
  • Investment to make this happen.

So, I will put them in order and give you the approximate results.

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Number of Downloads


When the figures are involved in a game or any business, we mostly assume that the number are in play, the more the company or game make. The actual front is always the difficult part because not every business revenue can be estimated based the number of downloads they even need to buy android app reviews.

The income is not an issue. The point is that the number of loyal players gained from the 100,000 users. The whole format is based on “How many existing users are logging in regularly“. Everything depends on the total number of returning users of the app. This equation applies to all the main parties in the Android store.

Revenue Tactics

Many of the lightweight apps are now adapted mobile advertising campaign to make a decent amount of income. Perhaps this has become more efficient for advertising to throw around money on such mobile advertisements. Have you ever came across “CPM”. CPM = “cost per 1000 impressions”.

You can find few ads on the app sometimes; wich helps the game to generate few thousand dollars each month.

When it comes to App, there are many ways an app can make money. Also the unique, most relevant and the effective way can make a five figure of revenue in a matter of days. The app can open up with in-app purchases, add premium version, allow to upgrade, and add relevant needed options to generate decent revenue.


None of the metrics are completely satisfied because the game developers do not desire to reveal their actual income, and this is hardly an estimation on how they have managed to do it.

Every game or an app go through a hard time to reach their first 1000 to 50,000 downloads and gain regular users to their game. The company or the game developers have to pour in a lot of green notes into the advertising to make a newbie to the limelight. The average penny spent on each user is $2.

After the calculation of the whole number of 500.000 downloads is $1M, which has been invested so far by the Game Dev. There are a lot of mind behind the game and me;m pretty much sure that the company is bearing many expenses like Cloud hosting, executives, customer support team, developers team, and other expenses.


It is not an easy task to take a simple game to the next level like the Color Switch game. Nothing gonna change the fact that game has several pure minds behind it to make seven figures income.