Alexander Graham Bell changed the way people communicated when he invented the telephone 139 years ago. For the past 20 years, the Internet has changed the way we do business. Combine the two together and the results are mind blowing.


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Mobile technology is changing and growing daily. Educating yourself as a business owner, employee or consumer, or all three, is the best way to make the most of this technology. Consider these stats, 51 percent of Americans use mobile data more than traditional desktop access.

That is just the beginning and here is why:

  1. There are nearly 2 billion active mobile social users.
  2. Active mobile subscriptions are around 7.5 billion, global population is 7 billion.
  3. Roughly 2 million smartphone devices sold every day around the world.

Mobility benefits for the business client:

On average, Americans spend more than 2 hours daily connected to the Internet through their mobile device. It sounds simple but think about the way you stay connected with the outside world; from family and friends to personal banking and business. Mobile apps go beyond just shopping, games and social media. In fact, utilities and productivity apps are the second fastest growing mobile apps at 121 percent in just a 12-month span.

There are so many construction productivity apps out that they have actually been ranked the past few years. These tracking tools make it easy for home contracting businesses to stay connected to their business by offering free downloads on either Android or Apple devices.


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With on-the-go productivity tools, like JobProgress, home contracting businesses are establishing order to any number of projects from the palm of their hand; anywhere, anytime. That means their clients aren’t waiting for an answer and their employees have the direction they need to begin or complete a project without wasting time in the morning. The biggest value for the contract is being able to see the budget in real time.

By focusing on customer satisfaction and employee productivity, these businesses are more likely to grow organically. A happy customer, especially in word-of-mouth businesses, will recommend to family, friends, and associates. Often, that translates to new business for the contractor.

But having mobility in business is so much more than just that.

Business Apps Are Educational

Business owners and customers no longer need to be in front of a traditional computer screen to learn about each other. It can all be done from the palm of the hand, regardless of time and space. Using JobProgress as the example, here’s how a mobile app educates both the business and the customer:

  • The app helps to build a direct marketing channel for current clients and prospects by being available 24/7 without costly manpower (think cold calling).
  • The app’s 24/7 capability provides value to the customer and builds trust/loyalty with the brand.
  • It makes social listening nearly seamless as feedback is at the fingertips of both the client and the business. Everyone wants to know their questions, concerns or ideas are being heard. A mobile app does that without taking on an expensive survey or time consuming focus groups, which can be swayed by individuals not really wanting to be there.
  • The right app sets the business apart from its competitors, especially if the app is designed for ease, function, and aesthetics. An app must be intuitive for its target audience in order to bring value. It should offer everything the desktop version does and it should be designed specifically for mobile use.

Business owners and customers don’t need a blackboard to learn, but a mobile app goes a long way in educating.