The new SwiftKey Beta attempts to clean up the app’s numerous settings and put them within easy access of the keyboard.

It introduces the Hub, which lives just to the left of the keyboard. When you touch the three-lined menu, you’ll have access to your SwiftKey Cloud data, see the number of keystrokes you’ve been saved, and be able to customize the size and overall look of your keyboard.

swiftkey for android hub swiftkey store

It’s more of a reorganization than a major feature rollout, but it’s good to see SwiftKey continuing to push forward with its well-regarded keyboard app.

The most intriguing revelation is that SwiftKey is partnering with password-managerDashlane on a method to integrate your passwords on your Android device. WhileLastPass, 1Password, and others do an admirable job, the idea that your keyboard would automatically know which password to use without any pop-up messages has piqued our interest