Viber updated its Android app on Tuesday with support for Android Wear devices, new chat administrator options, and more.The updated Viber v5.3 app is already available via Google Play in India, and allows users to send and receive messages from their Android Wear smartwatch. With the new chat admin option, users can manage group chats, edit info and delete participants.

Viber notes that the updated app has got ‘Public Chats’ enhancements along with ability to see an unsaved contact’s details like the person’s name and photo while chatting with them, so the need to save the user first is eliminated.

The firm has not detailed any other changes to the Viber 5.3 app for Android, and nor has it announced when similar features will make to other platforms.

The Public Chats feature was first introduced by the company in November last year. The feature lets users follow and participate in public conversations. This includes live conversations from people (whom users follow) and even celebrities.

The company in a YouTube video had revealed that the most popular chats will be featured on the Public Chats home screen of the Viber app. Viber users can choose the option from the main menu. To browse live conversations, Viber app users will have to select the ‘compass’ icon to search list of Public Chats to follow.

Viber had also launched a separate Public Chats microsite to promote the new feature, where it’s described as, “Public Chats is a new way to get behind the scenes with music, film, fashion, sports or whatever else you’re into.”