Regarded to be an effective visual presentation tool, Microsoft PowerPoint has been able to consolidate itself as the most widely used presentation software over the years. With built-in features that can help design visually stimulating slides, PowerPoint is a Godsend for presenters from all walks of life. Other than built-in features, what makes PowerPoint really useful are the wide range of PowerPoint templates. These not only include default templates provided by Microsoft but also by other third-party template providers.


The most widely used presentation templates for PowerPoint are the ones available for free and there are various websites that provide far better templates than the default ones provided by Microsoft. For example, is all but a well-known name when it comes to the provision of free Microsoft PowerPoint templates and presentation themes, considering it has a collection of more than 9000 free PowerPoint templates. This is just one example of how there has been massive development for PowerPoint by third-party developers, be it in the form of PowerPoint templates, add-ins, web apps or mobile applications that somehow extend the utility offered by PowerPoint.

In what is to follow, we will take a look at some of the benefits of using FPPT’s free PowerPoint templates and discuss what benefits you can derive from a professionally designed slide deck rather than making one from scratch on your own.


The Benefits of Using PowerPoint Templates

Before we dig a little more into the templates by FPPT, let’s take a look at a few benefits of using PowerPoint templates. Though they are several people who prefer to design their own slides, the presence of ready-made and pre-designed themes has also become quite popular and extremely useful for most. There are several advantages that come with such pre-designed templates for PowerPoint.

  • Firstly, PowerPoint templates tends to save ample time and effort. Hence, people are able to focus on their presentation content, instead of designing slides from scratch.
  • Such templates are often compatible with most, if not all PowerPoint versions, with support for online use via PowerPoint Online or Office 365. Then there are services like Google Drive that also provide support for PowerPoint files, despite not being directly related to Microsoft itself.
  • PowerPoint files are compatible with or provide conversion to a number of file formats, which makes them usable with applications like PDF readers, Keynote, OpenOffice, etc.
  • Presenters get to impress and attract viewers’ attention with catchy slides, exclusive designs and themes, with attention grabbing slide layouts.


FPPT’s PowerPoint Templates – Useful for Business Interns and Managers in Corporate Firms

When it comes to preparing for business presentations, pre-designed templates and slides offered by FPPT, you get a plethora of interesting slide designs for all kinds of presentation topics. Whether it is free business templates or PowerPoint templates for finance topics, the themes at seem to offer everything that you might need for making a robust slide deck.


For those who want to incorporate the best available templates for their business presentations, they can easily choose from high quality corporate templates and management strategy presentation decks at FPPT.

If you are a corporate intern or a business professional, preparing such presentations are usually an everyday task. Since preparing slides tends to be a time consuming task, many people are hardly able to concentrate on their slides the way they should, due to upcoming deadlines. But with the presence of pre-designed templates, project managers and interns are able to give their best and concentrate on their projects and presentations by spending less time on slide decks.


Compatible with Major Microsoft PowerPoint Versions

FPPT’s presentation templates are compatible with all latest editions of PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2016 and 2013), as well as older versions like PowerPoint 2007 or 2010.

Furthermore, there are also templates available in PPT format, which you can use with even older versions like PowerPoint 2003, as well as upgrade them to PPTX to make use of newer PowerPoint features.


Free PowerPoint Templates for All Types of Presentation Topics

Being one of the oldest and largest website for downloading PowerPoint templates, FPPT has no shortage of PowerPoint templates for professional presenters. Be it a presentation about engineering, law, technology or a topic as odd as the Chinese New Year, literature, history, geography or medicine, FPPT has a template for all kinds of presenters. What adds to the overall benefit of FPPT’s archive is that PowerPoint templates have been categorised under categories and tags.

You can also make use of the search bar to look for templates using a phrase or a keyword. Once you find what you’re looking for, hit the Download button to get the template without any strings attached.


FPPT has the most minimalist to complex templates, including; Free Flow Chart PowerPoint Templates or templates with editable diagrams. Apart from FPPT, you might also want to check out, which specializes in the provision of business PowerPoint templates and slide decks suitable for Decision Making diagrams and illustrations.


PowerPoint Templates with Google Slides Compatibility

While you can technically upload all types of PowerPoint templates to Google Slides, they don’t always end up retaining their original form. This is why the templates and PowerPoint backgrounds at FPPT can be quite useful, as they tend to be specifically compatible with other presentation tools including Google Slides, widening your options for making presentations that are flexible enough to be uploaded to various web apps for easy online sharing.


One of the Veteran Websites for Downloading Free PowerPoint Templates

Being one of the oldest providers of free PowerPoint templates, at FPPT you can be assured of an infinite archive of presentation decks for any presentation topic you can think of.

The free PowerPoint templates at FPPT are designed by expert professionals, therefore, you can be assured of the highest quality free PowerPoint templates, without the need to sign up or subscribe. However, optionally, you can subscribe to learn about newly added templates and presentation tips posted at the FPPT blog to grow into a better presenter.

To check out one of the largest free collection of PowerPoint templates, go to