Have you ever deleted something from your computer and you desperately wanted that file back? Have you lost your files and important photos after accidental deletion, format or virus attack?

I rely on my computer a lot. In fact, it’s how I make a living. So wanting to protect the information on my computer is important to me.

For those who haphazardly deleted or lost their important data such as documents, photos, music, videos, emails, folders, archive files, etc., Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro is a lifesaver. Yes, even after you’ve lost all these files from “Trash”, you can recover them without a hitch, in just two steps. Of course there have been other tools which promise to perform the same functionality, such as Easeus Data Recovery Wizard. So how will you start to choose between them? Here I’d like to compare the two programs in some aspects, such as UI,

Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro vs. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

User Interface:

Honestly speaking, the two programs share similarities in some aspects, such as UI. They both have very neat user interface. Everything is quite plain – you simply start with a search and let the App do the rest for you. The App takes some time to scan all your data. Once it is done with the scanning, it presents you with an entire list of data, files, images, documents, videos and other file formats that can be recovered.

Working Steps:

Again, the steps are quite similar. Using the two apps is extremely simple – it could not be easier than this. Everything gets sorted based on file type and you can easily select multiple files to recover them back on your computer. That’s it and you’re done.

The thing you should notice is that do not install the software on the disk where you lost your data, otherwise those lost files and data will be overwritten.


The differences between the two show in some small and detailed aspects.

Relatively speaking, I prefer the Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro. The following is why:

  1. Tenorshare strives to bring fast and effective solution for users. It provides technical services to their clients. That means, when you have any program using the software, you can contact them for help online. I think this is pretty important for computer green hands. While for Easeus Data Recovery Wizard doesn’t have this service.
  2. Many users complain Easeus fails to scan all their lost files, so that the data recovery task can’t be finished. This is what I never come across with Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro. So Tenorshare is more stable and reliable.
  3. Easeus has a high price tag: $69.95. It definitively isn’t worth the $69.95 especially when you consider the fact that it is only an average file recovery program. In contrast, Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro only sells at $49.95. Why would rather buy a more expensive tool, considering there is an alternative that offers the same (more) functionality with cheaper price?

These are just some personal ideas about the two programs. I just offer suggestions but you can choose freely. See more from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/.