For students or working professionals, it can be a frightening experience trying to decide which career to follow, and which course to study in order to achieve your career goals. These days, we are flooded with an overwhelming array of academic choices available and it is very difficult to know where to begin.

Online career tests come into picture during those trying times to help students to identify areas of study that may suit their skills and preferences. They help the students by identifying and suggesting study courses that may be of interest to them. Through these assessments, specific abilities and characteristics of the individual who take them can be evaluated online to determine how suitable a candidate is for a specific career.

These tests use a unique and scientifically developed and tested series of tools like career aptitude assessment, career personality assessment and career interest assessment to measure a complete profile of a student’s natural abilities, inborn flair and behavioral traits. Then the profile of the student is mapped with several beneficial careers. The best-fit careers are suggested to the students along with the directions/guidance for those careers. When students appreciate their natural talents, they get a huge confidence in themselves and the careers suggested by the test report which in turn help them follow the career paths that are suitable to them.

Also, very often individuals make career decisions based upon chance and/or past experiences. If you majored in Law, odds are good that you will pursue a career in Law, even if it is no longer your passion. So your other talents and strengths will faint away with time. Online career personality and aptitude tests can give you a better understanding of your job options no matter at which phase you are in life. These tests will help students with choosing majors, and for students who are trying to make up their minds to choose a career. If you are already settled in your career, these tests may help you decide if it is time to start a new career or make some amendments in the way you build your work life.

For example, you may love science, but if you are not good at it, it is highly doubtful that you will be successful in a science-related career. Similarly, you may have aptitudes& traits you are not aware of. So these tests measure not just your interests, but also your aptitudes& traits based on your education and your own affirmation of your strengths and weaknesses which makes these tests fool-proof.

These tests contain hundreds of questions which take an hour or so on average to complete them. The results of the tests are based on the honest results given by you so it is very important to answer all the questions honestly. At the end of your test, you will get a brief picture report of the test results. The complete and detailed test report is optional and can be purchased.

These tests involve many multiple choice questions and are strictly timed giving each question around a minute or so which help with determination of various abilities and characteristics.  It is often likely for you to choose the order in which you do the tests and it is not necessary to complete all the tests in one sitting.The advantages of online testing include instant availability of results and the fact that the test can be taken even at home. This makes online testing most appropriate and cost-effective for initial screening.The tests are always structured in user friendly manner. In some cases, mock test exercises are also provided for the individuals to practice too followed by an interactive session in which the test pattern is explained to you in greater depth before the actual test is given.

Online assessment has some very strong benefits in contrast to traditional assessments as there are no supervisors or invigilators needed for online assessment and the tests are very objective,are relatively accurate and can precisely determine how suitable a candidate is for a specific position. However, in an online assessment, it is difficult to determine how willing you are to help or how friendly you are. These qualities are therefore mostly determined in interviews, role-plays or group discussions.

The benefits of online assessments over weigh the minute drawbacks and these tests are verified for their Validity and Reliability. In fact, the validity and reliability of the Assessments has been recognized under the supervision of experts in the field of psychology and psychometric. School students of numerous cities in India, including metros and other smaller cities were administered the test for establishing the Validity and Reliability of the test. The Assessment tests also has a lie-score check in order to help the experts analyse the results better. In addition,many of the graphic layouts and design of the Assessment test screens are done in such a way that a student  to engage the child over a longer period of time without letting them lapse into fatigue. This helps in generating the real response from the child.


About the Author:

Renu Kishor, works as Content Analyst Beside her work she also has a keen interest in counseling students to take the right stride towards achieving their career goals. She like to write, listen to music besides travelling to exotic locations.