The internet is flooded with articles on how to increase your vision. Most of them are about influencing physical vision. They provide suggestions like eating the right foods to enhance eyesight, exercising the eyes and getting rest and relaxation. Improving one’s physical vision is a great influence on the mental vision.

An effective leader is capable of projecting an organization for 3 to 5 years while imagining where he or she wishes to take the organization to. The leader is capable of articulating that particular vision in a way that can be seen and understood by those around them. To remain a successful leader, a person must be able to articulate the exciting vision of a future that is compelling enough to make other people want to be part of that future. If a leader cannot paint a picture that shows where they want to go, it will be difficult for them to have followers. Thus, articulating a vision in a clear way that connects emotionally and cognitively is the foundation of a visionary leader.

Eat the right food to influence your vision

To influence your physical influence positively, you should eat the right nutrients and take vitamins that strengthen the eyes. Things are not different for visionary leaders. A visionary leader must take in wisdom and knowledge from other visionary leaders. To be a visionary leader or a vision caster, you must articulate the broader picture and your goals. This can be done primarily via effective communication. To learn to communicate more effectively, you need to interact with great visionaries. You have to observe and study how visions are cast. There are times when this will mean working harder so that you can get time with great vision casters in a conversational or observational environment. You can also schedule meetings with visionary leaders to ask them how they cast visions. You can as well learn by watching as they cast visions. For instance, you can study videos of Steve Jobs on product launches or read books and articles by visionary leaders. You can come up with a list of different visionary leaders that you would like to learn from including influencers like Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony and Winston Churchill.

Exercise eyes

Exercising the eyes daily will improve or influence your physical vision positively. You should also exercise to improve the vision of your organization. You need to keep repeating or practicing how you intend to cast your big picture of the daily efforts of your organization. You can weave vision casting into the casual conversation, weekly meeting in a team and annual strategy or report sessions. You can use different approaches such as success stories, storytelling, metaphors and analogues to hone your effectiveness in casting a vision. Note the approach that works in motivating others to your heroic efforts as well as what did not work. When you make intentional and concerted daily efforts in your vision casting, doing so will eventually become second nature and more natural within the environment that you will be.

Get rest and relaxation or reflection

For physical exercise, rest means looking away from a computer screen to ensure optimal health for your eyes. For a visionary leader, it is about relaxing when exhausted. You need time away from work to ensure your personal health. A vision caster needs vacation both short term and long term to unplug mentally.

The relaxation for physical vision becomes reflection for a visionary leader. Reflection means being at the highest position while taking time to engage in tactical decision. This enables the visionary leader to communicate and participating in the implementation of the vision. This is very important because a strategy is established by a mid-tier leader while those at the lower level determine the tactics.

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