To get started with the UPSC/Civil service exam/IAS prelims exam 2016,  one should have thorough knowledge about UPSC civil service exam and its scope, which would ensure your preparation channelized in the right direction. Being an IAS means a lot, as one can contribute to the society by serving the nation and humanity at large.To begin with the IAS prelims preparation one should work smart besides hard work, for which it is important to strategize the preparation. Concentrate on single task instead of multi-tasking where efficiency would be very high.

To start with one should start one should brush up the knowledge of NCERT books from 6th standard to 12th standard which at least takes 3 months of time. Plan accordingly as to which topic is difficult for you, start off those topics so that you would get the time to revise these topics again. It’s important to read only what is essential for you.

After NCERT  books one should prepare for general studies  from IAS prelims books like General Studies Manual by Tata McGraw hill and Manorama Year book which is a must read for prelims preparation, you will be benefited greatly as 3-4 questions come from GK section of this book.

5 habits that can help you while UPSC preparation

  1. Read each topic at least 3 times for best retention of facts.
  2. Make micro notes on every topic.
  3. Take as many mock and sample test as possible.
  4. Shot the best questions first and then go for the rest questions.
  5. Keep reading the newspaper and read news analysis for major events.

All the best for your UPSC Prelims 2016.