Online education seems to be trending nowadays with millions of working professionals resorting to distance courses to improve their career. As the online education medium is on the rise, there have been plenty of myths and misinformed truths that have been used as a tactic to discourage people from choosing distance courses.

Here are 5 such misconceptions that have been rocking the online sphere, busted for you.

  1. Online MBAs Aren’t Good Enough

You might have heard from your know-it-all friend that online courses or distance MBAs are a farce that you spend and get nothing in return. In reality, online MBAs, when chosen correctly, can offer a whole lot more than a traditional MBA. Say for instance, you have chosen an MBA in Finance. The curriculum you study will be prepared by experienced faculty members with inputs from industry experts, to fastrack your career path.

  1. There’s Not Enough Peer-to-Peer Interaction

Like politicians say, nothing can be further from the truth. Online BBA and even MBAs these days offer plenty of face-to-face interaction between faculty members and peers through video chats, forums and the like to clear your doubts. Universities also organise occasional classes to clear students’ doubts and improve the process of learning.

  1. It Doesn’t Require Participation

One can safely say that online degree requires more participation than conventional degrees. You will have to submit assignments on a regular basis and attend compulsory video classes, apart from writing the exam to claim your degree.

  1. Online MBAs Are Easy To Get Into

This is yet another misconception that’s circling around the internet for quite a while. Every distance course has its own set eligibility criteria, which you must meet in order to get into the course. For instance, institutions like Bharathidasan University require a minimum aggregate of 50% in graduate courses to apply for it.

  1. Cheating Is Quite Easy

A lot many people think that online course exams don’t usually have anyone to monitor your activity during the exams. But, in reality, you are monitored through a web camera which is fixated on you for the entire duration of the exam. This also means that copying could result in you being debarred from ever taking up the course again.

Like every other thing in this universe, online education too has its pros and cons, and those definitely aren’t the ones fed to you by strategically driven media. So, going ahead with an online MBA will definitely improve your standing in the professional market.