Formal Shoes are very important as they are usually worn at important places. Therefore one needs to be very careful while selecting the Formal Shoes they want to buy because it determines their overall personality. Before you choose the ideal pair of formal shoes, you need to be careful about its material, color, shape and even the design. But the thing which can cover these all is the brand you go for. Choosing the best brand will give you a great product which will not disappoint you with its quality. But going for a wrong can literally mess things up. Therefore we can say that the brand name and quality has a lot of significance when it comes to buying formal shoes.

So we have compiled a list of the best brands for formal shoes on India. Have a look and see which one of these gives you the product that you want i.e. the product with quality, design and comfort, which is extremely essential for formal type of shoes.

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Gucci Leather Lace-up Shoes

Gucci is a world renowned brand. Not only this, it is the largest outfit maker of the globe as well as formal shoes brand. Its brand name has so much of goodwill that you can blindly buy their products. Although the products are priced on the expensive side and is way above the other brands as well, but what you get is a product of extreme quality and marvelous craftsmanship. Their leather lace-up shoes are really popular. Gucci provides some astonishing designs for the customers having top quality material and some unique color patterns, which helps in breaking up the traditional formal shoe attire of regular brown and black and gives the customers some vast options to choose from.


Bata is one of the oldest, most popular, trusted and renowned Indian brands which has a high reputation amongst the Indian customers. Bata is the biggest maker as well as the retailer of shoes in the entire country. Bata is the brand name of the company known as the Bata Shoe Organization which was established almost a century ago in the year 1931 under the name of Bata Shoe Company Private Limited. The best thing about the Bata shoes is their rough and tough nature as well as the high durability which they offer.

Red Tape

Red Tape, which is owned by Mirza International Limited and which was established in the year 1996 is a quality brand which offers stylish yet durable products. The formal shoes manufactured by Red Tape are of extremely high quality which provides unmatched comfort. Comfort is one of the most important aspects in formal shoes which even the most established brands ignore while going for better designs. This is where Red Tape shoes on suits in wedding for men are better than most brands. It is endorsed by Salman Khan himself and is one of the leading lifestyle and shoe brands in India.

Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper is a British brand which has built trust and a good customer relationship in India to improve its goodwill and Brand Value amongst the Indian customers. It is a renowned international brand which sells its products in about 70 countries across the world. Their products come with excellent quality and finishing which only a top class brand could provide.

Woodland is a popular which basically focused and oriented towards the younger population. It showcases in the modern designs of their formal shoes. Their shoes are tough, durable, having high quality and eye catching designs. If you live in a place with rough weather and terrain, then you don’t need to look any further than Woodland.  It has a huge number of brand outlets and stores in all major cities across India and hence you can buy Woodland Formal Shoes easily.

The Last Words

So we can conclude that Brand name is of extreme importance when buying Formal Shoes and hence we should try the tested brands on which it is easier to rely. So choose any of the above brands and get great shoes and affordable prices.