If you thought rompers for men is a tad bit adventurous, then think again. We have a hilarious gift from the fashion gods and it comes in the form of lace shorts. Inexplicably they are here and unlike the lukewarm response RompHim’s got, no one seems to be happy about the new addition. The Internet has erupted in a collective guffaw.

As soon as a photo of three men in pastel-coloured pink, blue, and green lace belted shorts with the caption, “#LaceyShorts for men are here. Would you wear these gentlemen? Ladies would you like to see your boyfriend or Lace shortshusband rock one of these? #malefashion”, was shared on Instagram by a handle which goes by the name of Sparkie Baby Official, it drew ire from the internet folks.

While one user wrote, “If I see someone wearing these, I’m running them over with my car. I don’t care if I have to drive pool side to get you. Just slice the nuts off… You’re already a woman if you wear this garbage”, another quipped, “I’m a fashion designer and this is just insane”.