The fashion conscious are the worst to shop for. It’s always frustrating buying a gift for that one friend who is always a step ahead of you in the fashion world. They always know what is in style and they definitely would not appreciate a gift that is not in style anymore. A last minute gift is not an option. A perfect gift is something that will be used and appreciated for a while. To buy the perfect gift for fashionistas is even more challenging with the fashion world constantly evolving. Here are some gift ideas for fashion lovers:

  1. A trip to the mall

The fashion conscious love nothing more than updating their style. Shopping for one pair of pants is usually a day long affair as they go to every store and have a look around. There are so many salient advantages of this fashion gift idea. Not only do you get to spend some quality time with your friend, a difficult task in this day and age, but you have the option of keeping this gift within your budget. Most importantly, you don’t need to give one gift but can give multiple tiny gifts without the worry of choosing all of them.

  1. A subscription to a fashion magazine or channel

What is better than following the newest trends without the hassle of searching for it? A magazine with the newest collections or even a trendy channel that paves its own way in the world of fashion will be greatly appreciated. It one of a bunch of unique fashion gift ideas that is impossible to re-gift or clash with anyone else. Let your friend remember you every time inspiration strikes as she listens to her fashion gurus or reads the latest fashion mantras.

  1. Gift Cards

Slightly impersonal, but a sure shot way of making sure the gift is not re-gifted. Gift certificates or gift cards is not a unique gift idea. However, there are ways of making it a slightly different and personal gift. You can make a day out of it. Make a shopping trip, so you can buy the gift together. This way you can bring in warmth to your gift which was previously missing.

  1. A DIY kit

For those who don’t know, DIY is Do It Yourself. This gift is best given to a person that is good with their hands and loves creating things. They can create their own version of the most fashionable accessories in style at the time. It also gives them a chance to keep up with fashion and change their style when the new collections or trends are formed. Quite rarely thought of, it is a unique fashion gift.