The people who are overweight usually find themselves cornered when it comes to dressing or choosing about what to buy as they feel discriminated when they do not find varieties and sizes however times have changed and people with extra weight can now look equally graceful and stylish.  Rather it is up to their dressing sense now, how and what they are convenient to carry off. A lot of varieties and designs have been introduced these days keeping in mind the fashion requirements of plus size people. It is them who have to strike the right chord between attempting to hide their weight behind clothes or just being comfortable and confident in whatever they are wearing. They have to be very practical about their dressing and always keep in mind that if something is working for others not necessarily it would be suiting them as well. They will have to understand that dressing always require a subjective approach, trying hard usually makes things worse, so be easy on yourself and follow fashion to the extent up till you feel comfortable.

Follow these basic rules and you will not only avoid being a laughing stock for others but also look sensible and graceful:

  1. Avoid heels: Do not opt for heels if somebody is overweight, nobody would like to check the gravitation especially if they are out of their homes. Do not compromise on your comfort to flaunt height or being glamorous –footwear is the basic to any dressing, more comfortable you are down at the feet, better is your confidence up on the face. You can get footwear online at various online shopping sites easily today.
  2. Say NO to tight clothes: Tight clothes make you feel good or beautiful only if one has good figure or physique, as they highlight the curves. But one, who is overweight, has to accept that this is not their category of clothes – tight clothes can never find a place in their wardrobes, if somebody intends to look good. Nobody would like to highlight a thick piece of flesh of their body on the pretext of looking stylish. This kind of dressing invites unpleasant reactions from others. However, loose and baggie clothes would not only cover your fatness but also help you appear in the most graceful manner by hiding your odd curves and extra skin.
  3. Use accessories: Loose clothes accompanied by couple of accessories like a hat or scarf can really make you appear elegant in public. One should be in the habit of using accessories while dressing. Scarves for women are especially in trend now. A right mix of accessories and clothing enable you to leave an impact in a gathering without making much effort to look good.
  4. Avoid heavy make-up: A heavy make-up cannot work for your imperfection of weight rather it can add up to the issue. You are already being stared by many because of your inappropriate weight, you do not want to give them another reason or do you? Your weight is something you cannot do much about but you can always keep the make-up under control to look pretty not horrendous.