To face the reality, girls are often more fashion conscious than boys. They are more concerned about the way they are looking, or are more interested to look even better. The girls are worried about not only the dresses they buy but always have the urge to follow the latest trends. They want something which will not only allow them to browse through a huge collection of dresses but will also make them aware of the various fashion trends which are taking the world by storm. In addition to this they also want to emulate their favorite celebrities, so they also want to stay updated about which dresses they are wearing to which event and what hairstyle they are following and so on. Why only dresses? They also want to make sure that the accessories they use are of the topmost quality and of the best brands. They should also be stylish and quite different from what their friends or other known persons are using. In solving all these problems, there are various kinds of apps which have been introduced. Some of the best apps which can be used by the girls are:

  1. PS Dept: This is a unique kind of app which helps every fashion conscious girl to have a fashion consultant of their own. They can be dialed anytime of the day and any kind of service can be asked from them. Whatever be the type of outfit one is looking for or whatever be the occasion one wants them to wear to, they will get the best suggestions with the help of this app. One can search for a single product or for the entire getup planned. This app partners with the most famous brands and gives the girls an access to free fashion consultation. Once the product is finalized, one can start buying through this app only.
  2. Mallzee: There are various items under this app. It is your discretion whether you ant to browse through them as a whole or want to sort them into various labels like for parties or work outfits. This app also sends notifications to the app owners about any drop in price of a certain product of a certain brand.
  3. Like To Know It: This app is helping the young girls to select the best items of any category or brand. If you like a product through Instagram, the shopping link to that particular product will be immediately sent to the user. This is the best app to create a wish list for items.
  4. Spring: This app is one of the biggest shopping app, which came to limelight. This app has a partnership with over 80 brands and works like Instagram to help the young girls in love with fashion. This app is capable of storing the credit card information, shipping address and the size so that the shopping procedure can be completed with just a single tap on the phone.
  5. Stylect: Enough of dresses. Let us concentrate on shoes now, another important part of looking good. This app is the perfect for helping to own a pair of perfect shoes. One can go through over 50,000 shoes from the best and the renowned designers all over the world. This app also helps to filter any search based on shoes based on color, price or style. One can also make a wish list and directly purchase the desired shoe with the help of this app.
  6. The Hunt: It often happens that we fall in love with a dress which is featured in the e magazines or some celebrity of our choice is wearing. We start having an irresistible urge to own it. But, we do not know where to buy it or which store will let us own another similar piece. The Hunt is the perfect app which helps one to find the exact dress, accessory or jewelry which one is in search of. The many members of the network may help each other to find the product. They can also post direct shopping links as well as other good alternatives of the same product. The app is also useful for following the items which are trending and buying the products which are in demand.


These are some of the apps which help a young girl to shop for the perfect dress item which they need. Other than those above mentioned apps, there are thousands of others which can help them make a good choice. Some of them are Keep Shopping, Polyvore, FAD-The Fashion Directory, Pose, Stylebook and Stylekick. Who does not love dressing perfectly and looking standalone in the crowd? Well, all these apps are just meant for helping girls look good and fashionable. There is no need to wait further so download these apps now.