It can be difficult to obtain a personal loan debt consolidation from a bank, as they generally don’t approve of applicants with bad credits. Many zero interest balance transfer cards also have a strict requirement of good credit scores. Your only solution is to sign up with a debt consolidation company, as they don’t mind your bad credit score.

You must keep in mind that there are many cases of people getting scammed by debt consolidation companies, so you must be careful and take all the necessary precautions when making a decision. It is important to only sign up with a reputable bad credit credit card debt consolidation company. To find out whether the company is trustworthy, you can make a visit to its website, review its site’s appearance, whether it is easy to find the information you want and whether they list their contact information such as address and telephone number.

Most debt consolidation companies will charge fees, but you must make sure that the fees they charge are fair. It is common for fraudulent companies to promise a low rate at the beginning and then suddenly charge high interest rates and extra fees. You can get an idea about what is a fair fee by taking a look at the fee structure. There are different types of fees you must pay, including account keeping fees and establishment fees.

Bad Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Another thing is that the debt consolidation loan must have a reasonable rate. The reason why you are consolidating your loan is to get a lower interest rate and subsequently reduce your monthly repayment amount so the rate they charge should not be higher that the interest rate you are currently paying.

You can do research on 3 – 4 debt consolidation companies to compare all aspects of the loans, including rates, loan terms, requirements for consolidating your debt and monthly repayment amount. You are to read the loan terms carefully so that you know how much repayment you must make every month. The loan terms will state how much interest rate you will pay for the consolidated debt.

You can visit the top bad credit debt consolidation companies’ reviews site to read reviews and compare the features of different top companies. If you are interested in signing up with a company, you simply click through the link provided at the review site to be redirected to the debt consolidation company site. Next, you can fill in an online application form and wait for the response to see whether you qualify for the debt consolidation loan.