With the paradigm shift in the investment trends, even Generation Y or the millennials, as they are commonly termed, are serious about their retirement savings. With this said and done, more and more people are gearing up their savings towards a comfortable future, by investing in whatever options deem suitable.

Real estate: Given the boom in the property market, there is a lot to earn with respect to additional income from real estate. People, who are in their early 30s, are investing heavily in real estate and paying off the mortgages by the rent income received on the property. If you are not the kind of person who likes to give their property on rent, then you can definitely look at buying and selling properties at changing rates, so that you end up making a profit with every deal.


Stocks: If you have the mind of a stock market whiz and are really interested in the changing rates of stock and securities, then this is the best investment plan for you, with respect to short term and long term. The more you stay involved in the stock market trading game, the more you gain experience with respect to trading successfully, while earning handsome profits for yourself.

Mutual Funds: Another type of investment option comes in the form of mutual funds. As more and more brokers are entering into the mutual funds market, the scope of investment is also going up by the day. A pool of money is collected by different investors, and a broker or investment manager invests this money into different securities. However, given the risky nature of mutual funds, there is no surety of how much return you might get with your investment. So invest wisely, at your own risk.

Insurance options: Many people, as a safety measure, prefer to invest heavily in insurance and insurance based products. By doing so, not only are they able to secure their future, but are also able to mitigate any future losses, which might or might not occur. This way, if they do end up getting hurt financially, there is always another option to fall back on.

Government backed securities: Such kind of securities often come backed with a safety net in place. Chances of incurring losses on such kind of securities are not only less, but next to negligible.

Retirement plans: Lots of companies often provide extensive retirement plans, which help make the future a little more reliable and secure. By investing in such options, you get to create a backup for your future, so that there are no sudden financial surprises once you reach the senior citizen age bracket.

Binary trading options: The concept of Binary options trading deals with the movement of commodity prices, assets, Forex as well as stocks and shares. The imminent reason of popularity is that traders have to just make one or two initial decisions, before beginning to trade in a commodity of their choice. Being one of the safest sources of financial profits, trading in binary options is a relatively popular source of trading on the stock exchange. With Binary Options, at the time of trading, there are different types of expiry limits, available to traders.