Most of us love cocktails. The concoctions not only taste delicious but even look great. But perhaps because the way they taste — perfect, that is, they seem like a lot of work. We tend to fret over the right amount of ingredients and it is not entirely our fault. But the good thing about cocktails is they seem difficult to prepare, and reality’s much more pleasant.

“You need just two ingredients to make delicious cocktails- lemon and a sweetening agent,” says Pankaj Kamble, Guinness Book record holder and winner of National Bartending Championship. Kamble was conducting a mixology cocktails, easy recipes of cocktail, how to make cocktails at home, ways to make cocktail at home, indian express, indian express newsevent that took place at The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. The thing that one must remember before preparing cocktails is to mix the non-alcoholic ingredients at the beginning and add the alcohol later. If you are fretting about measurements, Kamble insists you need not be. “It’s all about how it tastes. If it tastes nice, it is good to go,” he says.

Keeping the two essential ingredients – lemon and a sweetening agent in place, here are four easy cocktail recipes you can prepare at home without a fuss.