Having a look at the market, you will find that there are a large number of espresso machines available to us. They are broadly categorized into 3 different categories – Manual, Semi – Automatic and Fully Automatic.

Manual Espresso Machine is cheaper than the other two but they require us to do all the work ourselves from top to bottom. Semi – Automatic Espresso Machine allows us to deliver water to the brewing espresso. It is done with the help of pump with it connected to the machine. Furthermore, Fully Automatic goes a step forward and is fully equipped with brewer, grinders, valves, pump and sensors. It enables the Espresso Machine to deliver the cup of Espresso on its own accord without the help of the user.


Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is much easier to handle and work upon but choosing the best out of them might be difficult especially considering they are usually highly priced. Today, we would review 3 top Automatic Espresso Machine which are really affordable.

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

The Breville Barista is your typical average size Espresso Machine with dimensions of 13.2” x 12.5” x 15.8”. The quality of the materials used in the making of the machine is evident with the styling and the design of the coffee machine. Few Features of the Breville Barista Express are:

  • It contains an integrated conical burr grinder. They are attached with stainless steel conical burrs as they enable them to extract even the last drop of flavor from the coffee granule.
  • It comes with a pressure gauge which is useful to measure the pressure while the extraction of coffee granule.
  • The 1600W thermocoil heating system enables to regularly maintain the temperature.
  • The auto-purge function enables us to adjust the water temperature for extraction of flavors.

Others features of the Breville Barista Express includes a bean hopper with locking system, a filter size button to determine whether you are using single or double filter basket, a grinding cradle and a 2L removable water tank and drip tray.

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker

The DeLonghi EC702, like other commercial Espresso Makers available today, is compact in size and can be easily fitted on your kitchen shelf. It weighs a paltry 14lbs and has a dimension of 11” x 9.1” x 11.6”. The DeLonghi EC702 looks a bargain when you take a good look at the price of the product and the number of features it provides. Some of the features are:

●     The self-priming feature enables the EC702 to brew coffee at a much faster rate than most other Espresso Machines.

●     It also comes with a cup warming tray to help keep your coffee warm.

●     The DeLonghi also includes 2 thermostats. It is very useful to control water and steam pressure separately.

●     The dual function holder allows you to use both pods and coffee beans together.

●     The Sempre Crema filter and E.S.E. filter produces a delicious crema and makes brewing coffee easier.

●     A removable 44oz Water tank and the anti-drip design of the machine make cleaning hassle-free.

● The cappuccino frother also creates rich, creamy froth for your Espresso.

Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

Just like the DeLonghi EC702, the ECMP50 Espresso Maker from Mr. Coffee is your compact size coffee maker which can be easily stored on your kitchen. It weighs around 10lbs and has dimensions of 11.4” x 13.7” x 13”. It is stylishly designed and the quality of the materials is top-notch.

Some of the top features of the ECMP50 include:

  • The Espresso Machine is fitted with a very powerful 15-bar pressure pump. It greatly helps in extracting rich flavors from the coffee beans.
  • The milk frother is a powerful built-in feature of the ECMP50. It helps you to control the out coming froth for your coffee.
  • The thermal block heater enables the Espresso machine to deliver coffee in less time than usual. It sets the temperature according to your need.
  • Besides, the ECMP50 is easy to clean as you can maneuver the various parts of the Espresso Machine very easily.

Final Words

While Semi-Automatic only helps to grind your coffee beans, the fully automatic Espresso Machine can do all the required work to create your cup of Espresso on its own without any help. Choosing the best one out of a variety of machines can be time consuming job as there will be many options for every price range. Each espresso machine has its own advantages and disadvantages and you should take a good look towards any product you are buying so as to make sure it fulfills all your demands or not.