Fashion is like a customization of old things. There always you find some new fashion it will be customized model of any old model. Now a day a china scientist innovate the model of an umbrella that is called air umbrella or invisible umbrella. It is designed by ‘Je sung park and Woo Jung’ two Korean designers.

In this rainy season if you see someone standing in rain but not getting wet do not get shocked about it. Must probably it is not any black magic it’s the new innovation of a china scientist “The Air Umbrella”.

The umbrella works with air field that make you safe from rain. It has strong lithium battery, a superfast motor in its top and a connected high speed fan blade that makes high volume of air.

Air umbrella make an airfield in its top that make you save from getting wet. It has a controller at bottom with this user can easily control the size of air field above, flow of air, direction of air. It is light weighted user friendly.

The designers designed three types of this umbrella one for women its 1 ft in length and with 500 gram weight and 15 minutes of battery life. Second one is 1.64 ft in length, weight 800 gram and with 30 minutes of battery life and the another one with the length of 1.64 ft to 2.62 ft, weight 850 gram and with 30 minute of battery life.

You can fold it in short size like an ordinary umbrella so it also carries friendly to you. This umbrella is not released to public use. But scientists are trying to fix its minor problem and release it to the market as soon as it is possible.