The navy is growing a new diving helmet outfitted with something referred to as Divers Augmented imaginative and prescient display (DAVD). it’s essentially a fancy underwater HUD. but genuinely, the entire setup essentially seems like a high tech Minion costume.


the new Minion device, announced yesterday, is a “high-resolution, see-through head-up display embedded immediately inside of a diving helmet.” It lets in divers to get a real-time examine their vicinity and dive web site. The HUD additionally shows photos, diagrams, text messages, and “even augmented reality motion pictures.” (Of Minions, possibly?)

The army explains its benefits thusly:

Having actual-time operational records permits [divers] to be extra powerful and secure in their missions-offering multiplied situational focus and multiplied accuracy in navigating to a goal consisting of a ship, downed aircraft, or other gadgets of interest.

as a substitute of getting to rely on pre-dive briefings on my own to determine what they are searching out, how particular items have to appear and where they’ll be placed, the DAVD device places the data proper before divers’ eyes with a look and sense comparable to a point-of-view online game show.

The military wishes you to assume that the DAVD device is largely a superhero tech.

“through building this HUD without delay inside the dive helmet in preference to attaching a show at the outside, it could provide a capability just like something from an Ironman movie,” Dennis Gallagher, an engineer running on the show, said.

What he sincerely meant to mention, probable, is that the helmet layout turned into lifted from the Minions movie.

The Navy's Futuristic New Diving Helmet Turns Sailors Into Minions

according to the navy, the show continues to be inside the midst of trying out, and Gallagher and his group are presently working on “phase ,” which includes extra helmet structures and complete face mask. Divers are set to start checking out the equipment in October.

it could not beat the $400,000 F-35 helmet, but it will up the navy’s avenue cred with elementary school kids round the arena.