Pregnancy is a gift for both the mother and the father. It is the time in which they cherish the thought of bringing in a new life to this world. They build a number of dreams for the yet to be born kid. They choose the names, how they are going to dress them, what the kids are going to become and a number of other things. However in some extreme cases, the child is still born. They are born dead for a number of reasons. A selected few can be lack of oxygen during the birth, tangling of the neck of the child and the umbilical cord which can be a complex delivery for doctors to deliver.

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The doctors are supposed to check all these things during the delivery of the baby as these things can be deadly for both the child and the mother. In most cases, the experienced doctors do not make any mistakes and perform a successful delivery. However in some extreme cases even the most experience can do certain mistakes. Apart from that individuals who are not properly trained or who do not have the necessary expertise to deliver the baby can cause a yet to be born child to die. Although, this is not intentional, these are medical negligence claims.

Compensation cannot bring the child back but it is only right

A child is the result of more than nine months of care by the parents. When it dies, not only dreams of the couple die but also the pains that they have undergone to conceive and make the foetus grow into a healthy baby. In such cases where the surgeon or physician is the cause for the death of the baby, the law enables the people to get a suitable compensation for the couples. Such medical negligence claims have to be proved with the scan reports and ultrasound videos to prove that the baby had grown healthy and it is only due to the negligence and poor judgment of the doctors that the yet to be born healthy baby was taken out as a still born. Although it cannot bring the baby back it is still a compensation for the couples.