Being afraid of the dentist is something that even adults struggle with. So, when it was time to take the kids for their first cleaning, you can only imagine the horror you might endure. If their experience with the dentist is anything like they’ve seen on television or in movies, your kids would rather let their teeth fall out than go. Trying to comfort their fears while caring for their oral health can be an uphill battle. Fortunately, there are a few solutions to make the process easier.

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Find a Kid-Friendly Dentist

Start your search for dentists online. You can cover a lot more ground and find dentists that specialize in child dentistry. Look for dental practices based on your location. If you live in NY, for instance, you might search for a brooklyn ny dentist. Once you’ve found a few dentists near you, review their website to see what services they offer for children – particularly children who have phobias.

Take Your Kids for a Pre-Visit

Not knowing what to expect can be scary for your children. Before their initial appointment, take them to the dentist office to have a look around. Allowing them to see the facilities, talk with some of the staff members and get to know the dentist can help to ease some of those fears they’ve been having.

Keep a Positive Attitude

On the way to the dentist, make sure that you keep the conversation positive. Avoid providing too many details about the visit as sometimes the talk of drills and x-rays can be scary to children. Instead, try to focus on the positive of having healthy teeth and a bright smile.

Be Ready to Provide Comfort

As hard as you may try, there can still be some fears when your child gets in the dentist chair. Be prepared to provide them with the comfort they need once the visit is over. Again, reassure them that this is for good health and try to focus on the positive side of the visit. Talk about how nice the staff was or how nice the prize is they received for being good.

Dental fears are real, and for children who have never experienced what it’s like, it can seem like a true nightmare. Do the best you can to prepare your child for their first visit. Start by finding a kid-friendly dentist near you and take the necessary steps to assure your children it is all for their benefit. There may be a few shed tears but in the end, that smile on their face will continue to shine brightly.