Has your garage door stopped working? Or is it damaged? Many people experience such situations. Then it becomes important to decide on whether you should repair the garage door or replace it.

Sometimes quick simple repairs of some parts of the door do the job, while at times you need to replace the whole door.

Various problems associated with garage door working

  • Garage door is moving slowly.

With time, the springs in the garage door can break. They can also loose tension and turn weak. This is generally the main reason behind slow movement of your garage door.

Opening the door by unhooking the emergency release provided on the door is a simple way to check the torsion of the spring. If door feels heavy when you lift it, the spring needs to be replaced. Replacing a spring on your own can be dangerous and is not advised.

  • Garage door is misaligned or crooked.

Damaged garage door cables are generally the reason behind misalignment of the door. Sometimes, the cables are completely broken and you may find difficulty in opening the door. Either way the issue needs to be addressed by a professional door mechanic.

  • Garage door tracks are bent. No wait! They are completely damaged.

Having made out of a durable metal, the track door bents are generally usable even if they are bent. Often straightening it out with a hammer or a wrench is an easy task and can be done at home. However, if the tracks are completely damaged or broken they need to be replaced. This work would demand a door mechanic to come and replace the tracks.

  • Garage door is not working at all.

There are a few quick fixes in case your garage door has started malfunctioning or stopped working completely.  But generally these fixes are risky and hence should not be tried at home. If your garage door stops working, you should call a professional and get it fixed. Normal repair generally restores the functioning but replacement may be needed in case the damage is severe.

  • Damaged panel of you garage door.

Small spots or dent don’t seem much critical. However, with time they form weak spots and can weaken the structure of your garage door. You should always call a professional in any case.

If the damage is to one section of your garage door, it may be repaired. But if the damage is to the whole panel of your door, it will surely require replacement.


  • Aesthetics is the reason I want to replace my garage door.

If aesthetics is the reason you want to replace your garage door, it would be wise to call an experienced door replacement agency and get the job done.

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