Don’t despair if your bedroom is not as big as you’d like it to be. We live in an era where space is at a premium, especially if you live in the urban areas. So, the next best thing to do is to give the impression of a bigger space than what you actually have. The most important thing to remember when furniture shopped for your bedroom is not to overcrowd the space. Making a few wise and worthy decisions and investments can go a long way in getting you the bedroom you want.


Wardrobe Essentials

Finding the right wardrobes for small bedrooms can be quite tricky. Doing more with less is the mantra when it comes to small space wardrobes. A little bit of imagination can help you substitute a regular wardrobe with a quirky one. Mark out some space, put up a curtain instead of a door. Then use hanging rails and separate storage crates to make your own wardrobe! The advantage is it can be dismantled in a jiffy if you have to move out. Another option is to use the space behind the head of the bed to create a makeshift wardrobe by putting up a railing to hang clothes and a shelf underneath instead of wardrobe drawers. If the headboard is quite high, then you can just put in a closet system right behind it.

Bedside Table

A nightstand or a bedside table has an important role in a bedroom, big or small. They are also perhaps the most versatile of all the furniture pieces that make up a bedroom.  When there is limited space, putting in a nightstand that does not take up any floor space is a good idea.  Such nightstand can double up as shelves and come in handy to keep your phone, book and a glass of water. If there is space available in between the bed and the adjoining wall, you might be able to fit in a compact nightstand such as a narrow, vertical one or a simple square shaped one. A bedside table with a drop down leaf can also be used as a writing desk should you be inspired to jot down ideas just before you nod off.

Under Bed Storage

A bed is a must in a bedroom. So, why not take advantage of this by choosing one which comes with options for storage. Under bed storage is a great spot to keep all the extra bed linen and pillows or stow away winter clothes during summer. If your bed doesn’t come with built in storage, get some sturdy transparent boxes that can fit in the space between the floor and bed frame snugly. Store stuff in the boxes and push them under the bed and out of sight.

Since your space is limited, be careful when you choose each piece of furniture. Get those which you can make the most of. Versatile yet stylish should be your motto as you look to furnish your bedroom and give it a unique signature look.