Two of the most commonly used CCTV cameras are the dome and the bullet kinds. They’re both easy to manage and install and offer complete control to the users. They’re both very different. While one looks like a tiny egg peeking out of the ceiling the bullet camera looks like the one that could fire a bullet at you. Apart from the aesthetic differences, there are a lot of other things that work differently with these two.

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While they’re both easy to install, the bullet camera comes with a mounting stand that you simply have to attach to the wall and once it is mounted you are good to go. You can move the camera to change the area it focuses on as per your requirement. In case of the dome camera the camera is directly mounted on the wall and has a fixed area that it covers. In order to change the focus area of the dome camera you will have to get it removed and fixed again in the new direction. You may need some assistance to do this.

Where to install?

While both can be used indoors, the dome cameras are more suitable for an indoor decor. They easily hide and may not seem as intrusive as the bullet camera. Bullet cameras are better for an outdoor setting since they are weather proof and can capture a long range view helping you see across the street or a larger area of the parking lot.

Hidden or not?

If you’re planning to install the cameras to keep away the bad guys from your shop or garage, the bullet camera is more suited. It is easily visible and will help to scare away people sending them a message to not mess with you. Dome shaped cameras are easily camouflaged and are therefore more suited for cabins or in your house. Dome cameras can also rotate a 360 degree covering a larger circumference.


The dome camera is considered to be sturdier as compared to the bullet cameras. A bullet camera can be broken easily simply by shaking it off the stand or even if you accidentally hit it while moving something around. The dome CCTV camera comes enclosed in a housing that can withstand shaking. Therefore, a dome shaped camera is suitable for a lower ceiling. On the outside of your houses, you could have the bullet camera at a higher position such that it is not easily accessible.

Range of the camera

While the range of a CCTV camera depends on various factors, the dome camera because of its shape may not be able to accommodate larger lenses like the bullet camera. The bullet camera because of its shape and bigger size can fit a bigger lens allowing it to capture images up to a larger distance. Depending on the requirement you could pick one. A lift can have a dome camera since the area is smaller, while you could opt for a bullet camera in a school or classroom setting.