Homeowners want to feel like they are making the right choice when it comes time to choose a company to professionally install their skylights and other major projects. No one wants to experience the consequences of roof damage or be forced to call back a company to address problems soon after an installation. What can a homeowner do to find an experienced company and contractors able to properly install skylights in their residential property?

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Vetting Companies

Industry reports can help homeowners identify some of the top residential skylight companies in the area. Such contractors are generally required to have proper state licensing, although a specialty license for skylights does not exist. Top skylight companies must typically meet all requirements and certifications in a state and adequately support their employees in the unlikely chance of an accident or injury on a homeowner’s property. Working with a handyman or someone who is not properly registered and insured can open up a homeowner to potential risks in the unlikely chance of their injury on a customer’s property.

Homeowners should look for companies with a clean complaint record, and should be able to verify their license and workers’ comp insurance (as well as other factors that may differ slightly based upon individual state regulations). Talk with homeowners who have recently had their skylights installed for recommendations or look on various review sites to get an idea of each company’s reputation. Remember that both good and bad reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, but by diversifying the sites you use, and reading as many testimonials you can (not just the 1 and 5 star ratings), homeowners can start to see a clearer picture of a company’s reputation.

What to Ask Your Skylight Contractor

Homeowners should not be afraid to ask questions before hiring a contractor or company to install their skylights. A homeowner may want to ask the following questions during initial discussions prior to contracting with the company or selected contractor:

  • How many installations have you/your company performed that are similar to our proposed installation project?
  • How long have you/your company been installing skylights in this area?
  • Can you provide me with the names and numbers of previous customers with a similar installation project that I may call as references?
  • Can you provide me with a clear and detailed written estimate of all brands, products, materials and their amounts used in this potential installation?
  • Do you or does your company provide a written warranty for the work performed, outside of any manufacturer’s warranties?
  • Are permits required for the work and who is responsible for obtaining them? The last thing a homeowner would want is for unpermitted work to be discovered in an inspection years down the line when selling their home.
  • How long does it take for this type of project to be completed?
  • Can you show me proof or documentation that all workers on my property are able to legally work in the U.S., in addition to your company possessing active worker’s compensation and liability insurance?

These are only a few questions that homeowners may ask a quality residential skylight company in order to ascertain whether are not they are the most suitable company or contractor to perform a specific skylight installation project. Qualified contractors and companies should be readily able to provide reviews, picture of recent jobs, references and more upon request. In some areas, skylight contractors are not required to have a specific state license to perform a skylight installation. For example, cities and unincorporated areas in Colorado must determine how the industry in their area is regulated rather than the state.

Get Your Installation Done Right

Get security and peace of mind when you hire a professional residential skylight company. In the unlikely chance that a project must be revisited, a qualified and reputable skylight contractor and company will stand behind their work and ensure that any problems are quickly and professionally addressed.