There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while buying a clear inflatable dome tent. These items can be used for a verity of purposes. However, using these items for product promotion at the commercial premise has become quite common now. There are business owners who wish to have such items at their disposal when there is a need to make the product announcement day a better one. These items can also be used for both indoor and outdoor events. Apart from this, such products are now admired greatly by the travel business owners who wish to offer their customers something extra when they are looking for sheer fun and entertainment. Well, these items can also be arranged by your travel agent when you are planning to travel to the mountains. Having a clear inflatable dome tent when you are out there to explore the mountains can offer you a great feel. These inflatable tents are big enough to accommodate you.


Consider that you are about to spend a night on a mountain. Having the clear inflatable dome tent can really offer you a great feel once you move inside it and take rest under the night sky. These are the most durable products and having a good fire retardant and water proof like properties. When you are searching for the clear inflatable dome tent that you can use during when you travel the mountains, you should have a look at the Yolloy’s product line up.


it’s the where you can located some of the most amazing and durable clear inflatable dome tents that can come in handy for you on a long run.

Clear inflatable lawn bubble is the very first item in this line up that can draw your attention at the first instance. The shape and the clarity of this inflatable tent is what making it a great choice for many. This inflatable tent is perfect for bout indoor and outdoor events. When you are using this for the indoor venues, you can make the best use of it for promoting your products or to organize the business shows. When you are planning to use it for the outdoor venues, you can use this as the lawn tent, advertising tent, and camping tent. Well, the idea behind the bubble hotel seems to be the newest one added by the travel companies. As this inflatable tent can be used as the camping tent or lawn tent, you can easily use it during when you are on the mountains and enjoying the Mother Nature at its best.


The next best thing in this segment is the Transparent Double Layer Inflatable Dome Tent. You can avail this product in custom size. However, the regular size of five meter is always available when you are looking for this one. In order to make this product certified PVC tarpaulin like material is used that is lead free as well.