Most Instagram users, some 400 million at the last count and growing by the day, are content to just post photographs that have captured their imagination or project them in the light they want to be seen in by their followers. A lot many brands have also climbed aboard the Instagram bandwagon in an effort to connect better with their fans and drive bottom-lines. By and large, individual users are yet to explore the power of Instagram to make good money for them.

Acquire a Loyal Follower Base

Making money on social media can be a very attractive proposition; however, you need to address the basics before you start dreaming about raking in the money. For companies and brands to consider investing in you to build an effective partnership, you need to have a large, loyal, and vibrant following to which ideas and products can be sold. In order to achieve this, you need have the right information in your Instagram bio; who you are, what you post on, your contacts, etc. along with some keywords and even a few hashtags that make you easy to discover by followers with the right kind of profiles.


Make sure that you post regularly but not in large volumes at one point of time. Ensure your pictures are of good quality and tell a story that your followers will find interesting. Identify the best hashtags in your subject and use them consistently and then engage regularly with your followers and those involved in the sector of your interest. If your efforts, content, and reactions are found to be of value, sooner or later you will end up with a loyal band of followers. If you want to increase the number of followers, you can visit sites like for a whole range of custom services.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process by which you promote a brand and get payment if a sale takes place due to a click-through. In the case of Instagram, users can visit the URL provided by your affiliate when you post pictures of products that appeal to your followers. You don’t have to tie-up with individual companies but can go through affiliate marketing companies who specialize in organizing these arrangements. The affiliate URL can be inserted in the photo captions or on your Instagram bio. In case, the affiliate URL is too long you can shorten it with the help of URL-shortening service providers. You can even integrate Instagram on your blog so that even people visiting your blog can click and get you sales.


Affiliate marketing programs have proved to be very productive for those who have interests in the fashion, travel, and beauty sectors as typically Instagram followers love to click and book products and services in these domains the most.


Sponsored Posts

If you have a very engaged and loyal group of followers you can post photos in your account that highlight a particular brand and earn money. Usually such posts carry captions that include links, @mentions, and brand hashtags. Brands do not necessarily require brand ambassadorship on a formal level for sponsored content creators, however, their tapping influencers for appropriate content is becoming increasingly common. If you are going to promote brands then you need to ascertain that they are a good fit with your projected personality on Instagram. Again, there are a number of tools that can help you to locate opportunities and also make the process of aligning with brands easier. You just need to create a good profile that takes the guesswork out of getting to know your personality and account content, and you will be invited by brands if they find you interesting enough. Other tools let you browse through campaign opportunities and get involved with the ones you like.


Make Your Photos Available For Sale

Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, you can showcase your images on Instagram and interested agencies, brands or even individual working on various assignments can pick them up. Be sure to watermark them and list all usage and pricing details in the captions. Your chances of success improve if you have the right sort of followers, and you are doing all the right things to keep your account vibrant and relevant to them. There are also some sites where you can directly put your Instagram photos up for sale.


Author bio: Jerry Clay is a wildlife photographer who has successfully monetized his passion by selling his Instagram photos to various news agencies and media. He has built up a great follower base with the services of