The food industry is on a boom with coming up of number of online food ordering apps for smart phone users. Now, food is just a few taps away from you. You can pick up any of the eating joints to order your favorite food at your place by using these food ordering apps. But, which food app you should have on your Smart phone? Does all food apps work perfectly fine and ensure timely deliveries? These questions might trouble most of you. But, you definitely need to trust these apps for timely deliveries and quality food.

Most of the food ordering applications launched ensures timely deliveries of food. They might take minimum 20 minutes to maximum of 90 minutes in delivering the food. It totally depends on the cooking time as well as your address from that particular eating joint. Just imagine the fun of eating yummy tasty food with your complete family without actually moving out of the house. Most of these apps have an option to let you pay via cash on delivery while for some you need to pay first and then the food will be delivered to your house.


Best 5 Food Ordering Apps for Smart Phone Users

Here we have listed the top 5 food ordering apps in the country. If you are a smart phone user and food lover too, then you should have at least one of this apps installed on your smart phone. Here are the names of top 5 food apps for smart phone users.


Foodpanda is one of the most popular food apps across the country and in few parts of the world. It is operating in more than 40 countries at present and has a good annual yearly turn over. This app was founded in year 2012 by Ralf Wenzel and Ban Bauer. Food panda is headquartered at Berlin in Germany. You can easily order your favorite food items from your nearest location in just a few minutes.  Food Panda Vouchers  will help you out in fetching more discounts while ordering your favorite food from the eating joints in the list.


Zomato was founded in year 2008 by Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal. They headquartered it at New Delhi, India. This application is giving FoodPanda a close fight in terms of services and timely deliveries. The food reaches you in minutes. You can order just any type of food from different restaurants and eating joints available to you as options. The company had expanded in 22 countries and plans to extend its reach to 8 more countries by March, 2016. Foodpanda and Zomato are both popular in India.


No one can forget Tinyowl. The company started up with a bang in year 2014 in Mumbai. Harshvardhan Mandad is the man behind this company making it really big. Though the company faced so many legal issues, but is still running successfully in major parts of the country. The timely deliveries were never a big issue with Tinyowl. It serves more than 2000 customers in the city of Mumbai daily. This is a big number achieved by the company in less than 2 years.


Swiggy is one of the hot favorite food ordering apps for the people of Bangalore. They are madly in love with this app. The app is popular because of its no minimum delivery policy and is founded by Rahul Jaimini, Nandan Reddy, and Sriharsha Majety. It was founded in August, 2014 and is headquartered at Bangalore, Karnataka. Presently, the app is running in Bangalore city itself.


Are you feeling hungry? If yes, then Eatlo is the solution to all your problems. You can find the most delicious food at Eatlo joints with timely deliveries. Do not forget to apply online food coupons on your purchase to get some extra discount. The company presently runs in Bangalore and was founded in September, 2013. It holds a good reputation here.

Final Say

These were some ofthe best foodordering apps that you can install on your smart phones to order the best food from different eating joint at your preferred location. All these apps ensure timely deliveries and quality services.