Google has a huge influence in the virtual world that even Google is synonymous with the Internet itself. Google even has penetrated into various fields, including the provision of the Android operating system. Google is the leader in the virtual world and they are building a conventional business base based on technology. But in China, Google has been banned associated with the information restraint that goes on there. Google has been replaced by Baidu as a benchmark for Chinese people to search for information on all things. Based on official statistics, Baidu already has a 78.6% share of the Chinese market with revenue of not less than 9.38 billion Yuan (about $ 1.52).

Just like what you have to do on Google, you also have to do some SEO steps to get top search results on Baidu. This article will give you some advice on how should the measures be implemented.

1. Use local domain name
Of course you have to adjust your website to your target market. If you want to expand into Africa then you should use domain with Africa name, so if you want to expand into China then you are strongly advised to use domain with Chinese name. You need to use or .cn. By using the local domain then you will increase the loading speed of your website.

2. Use local languages
Same as in point 1, you need to use the local language because not everyone understands English. You need a local translator who will ensure any of your contents can be understood by the Chinese.

3. Focus on SEO attributes
Google and Baidu have in common that is the way they analyze and rank web pages. But Baidu has a different way in determining priorities. Baidu focuses on optimizing the Meta data, title tags, alt tags, navigation, speed, and links. You may need a website creation service that is able to work with what required by Baidu.

4. Never duplicate content
Google and Baidu both forbid duplication but Baidu is more stringent in applying prohibition of duplicating content. The best way you can do is to use robots.txt to detect duplicates that cannot be indexed. More recently, Baidu provides an emphasis on tag “canonical” to prevent duplication. The important thing is you have to realize that everyone does not want to discuss low quality content which is duplicated from the other content. Remember that you need a loyal visitor and to build the loyalty, you cannot rely on cheap ways, such as duplication.

5. Simplicity
You need to organize the placement of the internal structure with a simple yet effective manner. You should be aware that Baidu does not track link from a page buried deep in the search hierarchy. You need to use Silo to build your organic structure by way of organizing the internal structure to achieve higher ranking.

This website perform well on Baidu because of a good SEO optimization , and clean backlinks Campaign.

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Robin Li