Native Ad networks are immensely popular these days and help in monetizing the websites. As a matter of fact, hundreds of thousands of websites that earn more from native ads when compared with Google Adsense.

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What is Native Advertising

In native advertising, the ads blend with the content of the website so well that they give the entire native outlook. Seeing the popularity, many native advertisers are plunging into the market.

Background of AdNow Ad Network

This native ad network came into existence in the year 2014 and is a hard work of experienced digital marketers in Big Data, PPC, mobile advertising and RTB.

In just a matter of 2 years, the network has managed to win the hearts of publishers and advertisers all across with its widget-based native ads. The ad network serves more than 4 billion impressions monthly in over 107 countries globally.

The main aim of the marketers was to establish a powerful ad format that combined the power of ads with user interactive content. With the network, it is possible to make use of both native ads and media banners in an advertisement campaign. This has proved to be highly useful for both brands and clients.

More than 150,000 publishers are making use of AdNow. If you want to enjoy high RPM rates, then this is the network for you!


How AdNow Works

AdNow is a content recommended ad network that allows publishers to place posts related widgets ad campaigns on their website. This means the widgets display native ads and when any visitor clicks on the content relevant ads, publisher earns money.

In a short span of time, the network has allured many webmasters who are till date earning a substantial amount of money from these content based ads placed on their websites.

Each content is manually checked by the moderators so that publishers get only safe, clean and relevant content to be placed on their sites. Also, they offer JS tags which make it easy for publishers to work with Adsense and other ad networks.

Several advantages provided by publishers include simple customization of widgets, timely weekly payments, multiple language system, and many others.

Publishers with a good website get approved instantaneously. But, you need to a minimum of 1 article every day where ads can be placed.

If you failed to get approval from OutBrain, Taboola, and RevContet; AdNow proves to be an awesome network to get approval.

The network offers an innovative way to monetize the traffic of a website through user interactive and relevant content. If you enjoy good traffic on your site, then surely AdNow will prove to be a high revenue generating source for you.


Benefits for becoming AdNow Publisher

Multiple modes of Payments: Payments can be availed in the following methods: Payoneer, Wore Transfer or Payoneer. The threshold limit is as low as $20.

Safety Check for all ads: – all the ad campaigns go through a security check. Thus, you can simply add the widget on your website without any hassles of security.

Personal Account Manager: – you get a personal account manager to support and assist you in monetizing your website in the best of its capability. The best part is the account manager will be in your prefer language to avail the maximum benefit.

High Average CTR: – There is no need to worry about the low click through rates with AdNow Ad network. On an average, the CTR is 1.5% that definitely boosts your income.


Benefits for Being Advertiser with AdNow

No Fraud Involved: – There is no way publishers can fake their clicks and use any bots as their analysis is very strict.

Low CPC: – As the ad network has lower CPC as compared with other ad networks, thus you need to pay a lower amount for your ad campaign.

High CTR: – As a native ad itself looks like a part of the content, and with the customization of AdNow, there is no way your visitors can recognize them as ads. Thus, you enjoy a higher CTR.

Responsive Support: –If you face any technical or any other issues, their customer care support is there to assist you.


Pros of AdNow:

  • This ad network also accepts non-English websites.
  • You enjoy monetizing of traffic all across with this network.
  • You can use this ad network together with other networks like Propeller Ads and Adsense safely.
  • Payments are paid on a weekly basis and are paid on time.
  • The network has a real-time reporting system.
  • The rewarding referral system is in place.


Cons of AdNow

  • It is not in the capacity of publishers to filter their ads if they feel the ads are not appropriate according to the content of their website.


AdNow is certainly one of the most promising content based ad networks that helps to monetize your website optimally. With the ad network, you get to post sponsored content on your site for your niche customers to visit. Publishers get paid every time, the visitors click or view the sponsored content placed on the website.