When you are emotionally healthy, you tend to be physically healthy as well. Emotionally healthy people are able to handle challenges in life, build lasting relationships, and bounce back from setbacks including sickness quite fast. If you are having a physical ailment, it would be good for you to analyze your emotional status. By purposing to change your attitude and negative emotions to something positive, you will sooner than later start feeling better in your physical body. After all, a merry heart is medicine to your bones. Improving your emotional health is a rewarding experience and benefits your life in a holistic way such as building resilience, boosting your mood as well as adding enjoyment to your life. This article discusses some amazing facts that can help improve your health.


Learn a new craft and challenge your creativity. This will make you more productive and boost your emotional wellbeing. When you are emotionally well, your body responds positively and your immune system gets invigorated. Learning is an intellectual candy that appeals to your mind and body. Join an adult education class, yoga or martial arts class, book club, learn a new language or visit a museum. Stimulating your mind to think beyond its scope will remove the focus on any ailments in the body you may have and even enlighten you on new ways of combating disease and staying healthy. In addition, learning something will enhance your brain cells reproduction as you are engaging your brain in active thinking.

Challenging your brain all through the day such as using the opposite hand while eating or brushing your teeth or even talking to yourself not only improves your memory, but also can offset health risks associated with the brain function.

Pets Enhance Your Mood

Watching the dog or cat play or the fish swim in its bowl will make you feel less stressed and anxious. Your body undergoes real physical changes during that time which impacts your mood positively. The cortisol levels, a stress reducing hormone is lowered while serotonin levels; a feel good hormone is increased. Reducing stress levels in your body protects it from wearing out.

In addition, research has shown that people with diabetes can benefit from having pet dogs. Dogs are able to detect a reduction in blood glucose level and will alert a person when that occurs. It is a known fact that diabetics give off a chemical that is detected as scent by dogs. The alarm alerts the owner to take a snack to avoid any danger from occurring. Approximately 1 in 3 dogs have this ability.

Colors and Food

Colors have subtle effect on our eating behavior. Orange, yellow and red are colors that affect your appetite in a subconscious way and increase your chances of being peckish. This is because these are the most common colors in tasty foods such as hot dogs, burgers and pizzas among others. Orange, not only increases your appetite but it also improves your optimism and thus your emotional wellbeing.

Yellow uplifts, promotes fun, cheerfulness, and happiness. It also promotes intelligence and knowledge. Red is positive and warm and is linked to physical needs as well as our willingness to survive which signifies leadership and ambition. It alerts astuteness and alertness.


When you laugh 100 times you have basically covered 15 minutes bike exercises. Laughing vigorously increases your breathing rate as well as your heart rate, and uses your diaphragm, stomach and facial muscles.

Besides improving your moods, it is a known fact that laughter reduces stress, reduces pain and also helps to fight infection. The levels of epinephrine and cortisol hormones responsible for suppressing the immune system are known to drop after a hearty laughter.

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