Google on Tuesday announced that it is bringing new security features such as sharing controls and custom Drive alerts to Google Drive for Work, Google Apps for Work, and Google for Education over the next several weeks.For Google Drive for Work customers, company has added new sharing controls for added security to file sharing. To help manage different sharing needs, especially in corporate world and its various departments, users from the Admin console of the Google Drive for Work settings will now be able to turn off sharing option outside the domain of one organizational unit, while keeping the exception of allowing others to work and share files further.

Additionally, to keep track of when specific actions are taken in Drive, users can now set up custom Drive alerts, such as a file containing the word “confidential” in the title when shared outside can alert the user. Google adds more events are coming to the Google Drive for Work audit, including download, print and preview.

With new sharing controls and custom alerts in Google Apps for Work, IT administrators can now have better control over how corporate files are shared. In order to recover passwords, IT administrators can now also enable settings for employees to securely reset their own passwords without having to ask anyone.

Other changes for Google Drive for Work, Google Apps for Work, and Google for Education customers include a new Information Rights Management (IRM) system. Using IRM, users can now disable the ability to download, print and copy from the advanced sharing menu. This new option will be available for any file stored in Google Drive, including documents, spreadsheets and presentations created in Google Docs.

Lastly, users can share files with any email address, even if the end user is using Google Drive or not, and they’ll be able to view the shared files without having to sign-in to a Google account. This is optional too and can be disabled by the Admin if they want receiver to sign-in before viewing the file.