After the long heels and long-time finally Microsoft was announced a new Windows operating system. A special press event on September 30, “Windows 10” software unveiled. Although different leaked information from a year ago, “Windows 9” heard the name, but in the end I was surprised, “Windows X” company published.


Windows 10 in one jump

without publishing 9, Microsoft make a step jump to Microsoft 10. Its codename was’ throw shield ‘.
Executive Vice President Terry Myer son of Microsoft’s operating system said in the event,’ the world’s 1.5 billion people are now using Windows, this change of windows is cross the level of windows 9 so it is better to give the name 10’ .
A Windows, An App Store

The most important aspects of Windows 10 that the operating system will run on all devices. In other words, it will able to run on any computer, tablet, smart phone and other smart gadgets. Microsoft said they would present a single OS, which will be a single on the App Store.


Myer son said the right experience for Windows 10 will give you the correct device.

Include something new

Windows 7 style Start menu coming back to Windows 10. However it will have live tiles. You can freely resize the tiles. You can also search Web directly from start menu search button.
Windows 10 Tech Preview Start menu

The operating system used in the new Windows software and modern (Metro Style / Universal) will be able to run Windows apps as well. Touch mode in Windows 10’s can be found in the Start menu in Windows 8 style tiles based. It will further notification center, virtual desktops, and many more.

It will be published to the user in 2015. However, before you can use the experimental version. To download the preview version of Windows 10 check this official Microsoft link –