Deciding to open your first ecommerce store is a big step. However, it’s only the first of many steps you’ll have to take. In order to succeed, you’ll the right mix of strategy, customers, technology, and marketing. Here are a few questions to get you started on the right foot from

Who Are You Selling To?

Your target audience will effect your technology and costs. For example, an online shopping cart might need to be customized to handle orders from outside your country. Customization might include calculating international shipping or accepting payment methods that aren’t common in your home country.


Will You Build The Site From Scratch?

You can use hosted platforms like Square Space or Shopify to quickly build a basic site. But you should also consider building a store from scratch or customizing shopping cart software to meet your needs. Assess the complexity of your orders, your budget, and your goals to identify the best approach.


How Can I Sell More?

You want a site that makes it easy to buy more and to become a repeat customer. Your ecommerce shopping cart should let you offer up-sells at checkout and provide you enough information to send follow-up offers.


Plan Thoroughly to Increase Your Chance of Success

Proper planning will allow you to launch a store with the right mix of products and features to convert visitors into customers. Start by answering the questions provided here and continue to build out your strategy until you’re ready to deploy your site.