A great design can make a yearly planner more attractive and helpful to users. Whether you’re trying to come up for your own use or you’re looking to make a website that sells planner designs, you’ll want to conduct some research to create a design that stands out. Here are ten great design ideas you should look at before you begin the design process.

1. Passion Planner

Rather than focus on scheduling in daily goals and to do lists, Passion Planner designed a planner that helps people achieve their most important goals. The planner helps you mind map goals and then break it down into a timeline. It has a monthly structure like other planners but further breaks down each week and has a section for monthly reflection to help users keep track.

2. Black Swiss Dot Monthly Planner

If you’re looking for a basic planner that’s the perfect size to bring with you, you can’t go wrong with this planner. The cover is black with gold dots patterned throughout the design. It uses a wide two-page layout for each month so that you have plenty of space to fit your entries. Finally there’s a section for notes and a small calendar overview so you can mark important dates as reference.

3. Minimalist Rose Gold Planner

This DIY planner is perfect if you’re a busy individual and are used to having your planner jam packed with to do items. Each page is set up for a day which allows for plenty of space. The layout is simple and this particular set is sold as a DIY set of which you print only what you need. The rose gold is an elegant touch and completes the minimalist look without a bland presentation.

4. Geometric Planner

This collection of yearly planner designs will really inspire you to create a cover that stands out. It’s reminiscent of holiday giftwrap designs. They look elegant, bright and attractive. The planner itself breaks things down on a yearly level to help you set long-term goals. The rest of the planner is organized in 56 pages with one week per page.

5. IndigoPrintables Planner

This planner has the feel of something between a planner and a journal. It uses bright pastel colors for the cover. The planner breaks down your planning by each month. It has pages for brainstorming ideas, goals, action plans and reviews. Each month is laid out in two pages and also includes weekly planning.

6. Daily Greatness Business Planner

The Daily Greatness Business Planner is a planner for busy professionals. The cover has a beautiful typographic driven design with a color that’s somewhere between gold and bronze. The planner itself is intricately designed with color coding for different projects, budgeting worksheets, appointment calendar and more. The cover is also flexi-bound which means that the cover is built to last without being bulky.

7. Plum Paper Planner

The Plum Paper planner has the perfect design if you care about all the little details. It has a simple artistic cover that you’ll appreciate. Every section is color coded to help you stay organized. It is broken down into the year, months and days. It stands out from other planners by using a vertical hourly layout for each day. The planner also allows you to customize the structure which is incredibly helpful. This flexible design idea is something that you should consider using.

8. IceyDesigns Planner

IceyDesigns has a handmade planner that has a great layout and design. The cover is a handwritten font that you’ll find charming. The pages are organized to be useful and each day is color coded and is followed by a monthly overview checklists. There are also to do list sections and a monthly overview layout to help you mark important dates. The planner also contains inspiration quotes and cool designs that help you list your personal vision.

9. Made to Plan

Made to Plan has a planner with a glossy cover that is adorned with a striped black/white design. It is designed to be a custom planner. There are pre-made layouts that you can choose from to fit your needs. There’s an hourly page, horizontal calendar, yearly calendar, monthly calendar and weekly notes. The planner is also available in several colors so that you can get the look you want.

10. MeadowGraphic Planner

This yearly planner uses a full page photograph to design the top and back cover. You can easily model the same idea and use a photo that you find inspirational. The font used throughout the pages creates a fun feel. As for the layout itself, it provides pages for general notes, yearly overview calendars, monthly calendars and weekly notes.

As you can see, there are many different ways to design your yearly planner cover and structure your planner’s layout. If the plan it to make a website that sells yearly planners, it will help to clearly show the layouts that are available. If you want to sell printables, try to offer different structures so that customers can purchase the planner to their needs.