Some very high number of Facebook ‘friends’ to add attitude to feel comfortable. Many people do not take anyone confirm a friend request. Because it creates the possibility to share their personal data with the ones that are unknown, which many dislike. Although the time of facebook posts, Facebook status, privacy also determined by facebook, yet the risk. To solve this problem made ​​a new Facebook App.

‘Moments’ names through the app directly to your specific post with friends and are able to share. This is another facebook into the facebook. Because, this status only shared with selected Facebook friends, share photos, etc. can be.

Moments Facebook App is still in-house testing stage. Family and Friend Groups launch when it can be picked up through the app. Facebook posts can be seen on the main news feed also. Whenever a friend would share with you some of the Moments, then you will receive notification. Report experience at least until now. The app is under processing still now we do not have the news that it will be published or not.