Sometimes words aren’t enough when you want to express yourself online. You need an image that will simultaneously display your encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture and wit.

I am, of course, talking about the art of the animated GIF.

But if you’ve never tried diving into the world of the GIF, where do you start? Should you create your own with Photoshop or Gimp? Nah—all you need to do is bookmark some great online repositories and simple tools that make it painless to get your GIF on

One of the newest entrants to the GIF game is Hulu. The online video streaming service recently debuted a Tumblr site called The Perfect Gif filled with (you guessed it) animated GIFs from Hulu’s TV show collection. You can find GIFs from Star Trek, Castle,Modern Family, Ugly Betty, and tons more.

Hulu has also made the GIFs searchable by hashtags such as #Fail, #Gross, #LOL, and #Sneaky to make it easier to find a GIF with the right emotion.

Hulu is all about images. The site doesn’t offer tools to add text to its GIFs.


One of the most popular GIF repositories, Giphy also lets you search by hashtag—but it too fails to offer a way to add custom text to an image. Its collection is farmore extensive than Hulu, however. Need a GIF featuring Marilyn Monroe, Megan Fox, or Tony Soprano? Giphy’s got you covered, and its abundant categories make finding appropriate GIFs a breeze