Many businesses consider stocking non-original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to save money and reduce their operational costs, but going this route can cause trouble down the line. Knock off parts seem cheaper up front, but often come with hidden costs associated with increased failure rates, electrical hazards, and having less durability than OEM replacements. Here are a few advantages of buying OEM parts instead of generic ones.

Better Performance

When manufacturers design and build original parts, each one is made to exact specifications to fit and function correctly. OEM parts are put through multiple tests and use-cycles to ensure they work as intended. In addition to their design, the materials used to make original parts are chosen to meet the needs of certain applications and ensure that no component will interfere with the other. The same cannot be said of non-OEM parts.

It’s best not to assume that generic parts will perform as well or last as long as OEM components since they’re built for value rather than quality. For example, while an OEM part may contain high quality metals, the matching generic part may substitute weaker plastic or metals and not be as resilient and compatible.

Less Risk

OEM parts must meet strict safety standards and are designed to fit into specific systems to work smoothly. Non-OEM generic parts are more of a risk to use because they have a greater chance of being faulty and performing poorly. The consequences of using faulty generic replacement parts range from workplace accidents to failure in your finished products once they’re in a customer’s hands. Rather than take the chance of a non-OEM part causing control failure, an injury, or posing dangerous operating conditions, it’s worth it to invest in OEM components.

Greater Precision

Using OEM parts significantly decreases the chance that you’ll receive a component that’s not compatible, which can completely halt your operations when dealing with mission-critical applications. For instance, the current OEM printed circuit boards being used for a specific model may contain design enhancements that non-OEM parts won’t have.

Opting for original components means making the choice to safeguard the efficiency of your operation. Buying OEM parts can give you peace of mind and ensure the quality of your company’s finished products.