As a trusted gun safe manufacturer, Winchester offers an amazing range of products to address the varying requirements of different people. You have plenty of options to choose from and this manufacturer makes use of highly sophisticated technology to deliver most advanced gun safes available in the market. You can always associate high functionality and good storage space with Winchester gun safes and the most prominent gun safes form Winchester include Bandit, Ranger, Defender, Tactical, Ammo safes, Big daddy, Treasury, Silverado, Legacy and 150 Anniversary as well.


Bandit Winchester gun safes

This model is available in three versions and they include Bandit 9, Bandit 10 and Bandit 14 as well. If you have deal with space constraints, Bandit 9 is a good option and this entry level quality version has a 45 minute fire rating. You can keep maximum 10 long guns on this safe. Bandit 10 offers reasonable protection for your valuables and it also comes with a 45-minute fire rating. It can accommodate 14 long guns. The Bandit 14 version is capable of accommodating 18 long guns and the cost of this model is slightly higher compared to the other two models.


The Ranger model also has three versions and they include Ranger 19, Ranger 31 and Ranger 42. The Ranger 19 model comes with a durable re configurable interior and the adjustable side lock system can hold weight up to 70 lbs per shelf. The door panel provides fast access to handgun pouches and the thermal protective pockets safeguard sensitive items against heat exposure. This version can accommodate 22 long guns as well. Ranger 31 and Ranger 42 also come with the same features of Ranger19 but they are capable of accommodating more guns. The 31 model can hold 39 long guns and the 42 model accommodates 42 long guns.


The Defender series has an adjustable slide-lock shelf system and it also has an accessory door panel organizer. Other features include power docking system and LED light kit and, you do not need to worry about any dark corners in this safe. Three different models are available in the Defender series and they include 23, 35 and 45 as well. The fire rating of this model is 75 minutes at 1400 Degree Fahrenheit.


When it comes to selecting the best Winchester gun safes, Tactical series stands tall and it offers an extremely appealing modular interior space. Other prominent features include flat back finish, titanium disk auxiliary re-locker and EMP resistant Spartan electronic lock and, this safe is capable of accommodating 34 guns. The fire rating of this model is 60 minutes at 1400 Degree Fahrenheit.

Ammo safes

This series offer better protection against fire and burglary and, the fire rating of Ammo is 45 minutes at 1400 Degree Fahrenheit.

Big Daddy

If you are looking for one of the best Winchester gun safes, Big Daddy is a good option and this series contains U-shaped gun racks with an extra wide body. Other important features are thermal accessory door panel organizer and a single power outlet and, the fire rating is 25 minutes at 1400 Degree Fahrenheit. It can hold up to 48 long guns as well.


This series is available in two versions and they include Treasury 26 and Treasury 48. The reconfigurable upgraded pindot fabric interior goes well with your storage needs and the shelving can hold up to 70 lbs. Other important features available in this series include power docking system, bright LED light kit and an accessory door panel and, these types of Winchester gun safes can hold 26 long guns. The fire resistance of this model is 90 minutes at 1400 Degree Fahrenheit.

Other leading Winchester gun safes are Silverado. Legacy and 150th anniversary limited edition as well. All models of Winchester gun safes come with a lifetime warranty to safeguard the interests of the customers and a long span can also be associated with the best Winchester gun safes.